View Full Version : Couple of hardware Questions and Opinions

01-27-06, 07:46 PM
So I just found out that the good old government is giving me a huge phatty refund of up to $2400. (nana2) So not to brag, but I'm looking at using most to pay some bills but I'm looking into some hardware changes, and I value a lot of the opinions on this board. Most of the time at least. :D

So here goes, first things first, I've gone from case to case over the last few months, yes you heard right months, and I'm still not happy with my choices. I was going to go with the Thermaltake Tai Chi, I liked the built in water cooling, but I'm still scared of going water cooled. And if I did go water cooled, I wouldn't do it unless it was already for the most part setup. My other choice, I've always loved there cases, was the Lian-Li V PC-V2100B PLUS (http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.asp?item=N82E16811112094). It looks like a solid case, with plenty of room which is a must and a plus. And it's not water cooled which puts me at ease, water and $1,000 of equipment just don't settle with me.

So I guess I'd like your opinions, would you go with the Thermaltake and do water cooled? Is it really worth it, I mean will I see a significant difference in tempatures and noise? Mind you, I don't orverclock. Or do you think the Lian-Li would do the job and is a better looking case? Again, cooling has never been an issue so I think the Lian-Li would do a sufficient job cooling my system. Any input on those two cases would be nice. And one last case question, would the PC Power & Cooling 1KW fit in either case?

My other question is, should I get a SB X-Fi card. I've been hearing so many mixed comments from users. I of course have an NF4 Mobo, with an AMD 64 X2. Are they something that's good to spend the money on right now, or should I wait? I've wanted one for a while and not had the money, but I'm thinking of breaking down and buying one. Again any opiniions would be great.