View Full Version : Asus EZ_PLug is it optional or needed when running in SLI mode or any mode?

01-29-06, 02:22 AM
Has anyone over ruled that the Asus EZ_Plug is needed when running two video cards in SLI mode? I mean, you would think having each card running a PCI-Express 12 volt molex connection to it would resolve any kind of power issues. Plus, I only use top of the line when it comes to a power supply. I'm currently using a Sintek 600+ Watt Power supply.

01-29-06, 07:52 AM
With the 600GTs and 7800GTs, without and with PCIE power leads, my motherboard has teh EZ-Plug light on. I use it with the better safe than saorry mentality, but I certainly see how running power over to that area of the mobo can be problematic.

02-02-06, 11:10 AM
Be careful if You are running a P5N32-SLI Deluxe and a 7800 GTX512 as the EZ-Plug will push against the Video Cards Fan Cable coming out the bottom of the card and it will pull the plug from the recepticle on the PCB Board, causing FAN Failure.