View Full Version : 2 different Nvidia GFX pci-x cards in 1 system?

01-29-06, 08:15 PM
I do a lot of proffesional 3d work using Maya...but the quadro card (quadro fx 1400) does not run some video games as well as say a 7800 GT would. So I'm wondering, since I have an SLI capable system, could I install a 7800 GT in the second pci-x slot and switch my monitors between the two cards. I'm not planing on using SLI, thought my system supports it.

I read an article on Tom's Hardware that said this was possible but required rebooting after switching the monitors. It was written right when SLI came out so I was wondering if the newer drivers make it possible to support this activity without rebooting.

Any ideas? Has anyone even tried this before? I wanted to get some feedback before running off to test this first hand.