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01-29-06, 10:15 PM
I have whittled down all of the problems that I have had since installing the A8V mobo to the following:

1. The system devices showed that no drivers were installed for them. All of which are related to the "Via Standard PCI to ISA Bridge", The inoperative devices are: 1. Direct Memory Access Controller. 2. 3 devices labeled Motherboard Resources. 3. Numeric Data Processor. 4. Programmable Interrupt Controller. 5. System Speaker. 5. System Timer. Plus one device "System board", which doesn't seem to be related to the ISA problems above.

Attempted solutions: Reinstalled the motherboard drivers, ran CHKDSK /R, SFC /Scannow, Repair install of XP. No reply from Asus Tech Support.

2. Can not enter safe mode. Hangs at gagp30kx.sys.

Attempted solutions: Extracted the file from the XP CD and installed it.

If anyone can give me a clue to either, I would surely appreciate it.

01-30-06, 03:57 AM
I finally got a reply from Asus, but it doesn't help a bit. Here is what they said:

Carry over operating systems are any operating system not installed to your hard drive while directly connected to your motherboard, if your operating system was installed to your hard drive while it was connected to a previous system or you are ghosting ,doing a network install or using an upgrade disk without formatting out your previous operating system we cannot guarantee the stability of your system. Before any troubleshooting can be done with you , you will need to format and do a clean install of your operating system to your hard drive while it is connected to your new ASUS motherboard. If there is any data you do not want to lose then you will need to either back this data up or do an install of your operating system to an alternate hard drive and keep your original drive as a slave to the new hard drive. When installing your operating system we do recommend that you install all software in the following order after the OS has been installed:

1) Install your chipset/motherboard drivers (VIA 4-in-1s for VIA chipsets, Intel INF Update and Application Accelerator for Intel chipsets, etc.). Do this BEFORE loading any other driver!

2) Install the latest version of DirectX.

3) Install your video card and the latest video drivers. Add any other video cards (one at a time) at this time, as well.

4) Install any SCSI/ATA cards and drivers.

5) Install any LAN/NIC cards and drivers, or install drivers if using an onboard device.

6) Install your modem and the latest drivers.

7) Install any other cards or devices and their drivers, except for sound.

8) Make sure to install your sound card and its drivers, or just the drivers if using an onboard device, LAST.

If you are unwilling to do the above steps then all we will be able to do for you is direct you to the manufacturer of your OS i.e.:Microsoft,Linux,Sun, etc.... to seek resolution to stabilizing your system.

Best Regards,
Asus technologies
7100 Intermodal Dr.
Louisville,Ky 40258

I sent back a response in which I was a bit terse, because I did a clean install of the OS in the first place. Some of this mandatory sequence makes no sense at all, because it shows installing the OS and the VIA drivers, before installing the video card. Can someone tell me how you would do this, if you could not see the installations? Alot of the rest seems extraneous to the problem that I contacted them about. Since I have contacted them on different problems, I have noticed a trend, stonewall or give instructions that are irrelevant. At this point, I will never recommend an Asus product to anyone. As I stated in my response, Asus is unique in terms of tech support from any company that I have dealt with.

01-30-06, 04:30 AM
Just RMA the MoBo - sounds more than busted to me.

I have almost the exact same setup even down to the same HDD and I have zero issues with my A8V Deluxe (most stable MoBo I've ever owned).

As for ASUS's instructions - thats a joke I agree with you on that.

01-30-06, 04:40 AM
No. I'm going to return the board to the store where I bought it. All that I really wanted was a response to support the idea that the board was defective, because that is the only way that this vendor will do anything. I learned, after buying this board, that I should have bought the A8V Deluxe, because it has some features that I want. I'm going to try to see if the vendor will let me pay the difference between the boards and let me upgrade. I just hope that the Deluxe version doesn't have this problem also.