View Full Version : GF 6600 and FF8 graphic problem

01-30-06, 02:44 PM

I've got a problem.
I wanted to play FF8, a game which uses D3D mode and Software Renderer mode to play and supports 8-bit palleted texture. Unfortunately when playing in D3D mode I get some black blocks - I've attached a image for you to look.

I have installed all the newest patches for the game (1.2) which supports GeForce cards, but still no good. I'm currently using 81.98 drivers.

What can be the problem? I heard it may be something with 8-bit palleted texture with alpha channel. These black blocks should be invisible.

What do you recommend? Maybe some previous drivers could help?

01-30-06, 04:32 PM
There's nothing you can do about it with the 6600. The 6000 and up series of NVIDIA cards no longer support 8-bit palletized textures.

The only possible solution would be to buy an older video card that properly supports 256 color and use it for FF8.