View Full Version : Need help dets 42.01 ..wtf???

01-18-03, 02:54 PM
Hey there,..

In the past I havent had problems uninstalling and reinstalling dets, but now I'm on XP.

The instructions in the included readme file with the 42.01s isnt quite dead on when it comes to the installation procedure.. so I just did pretty much what it was trying to tell me to do.

Can anyone tell me what the RIGHT way to uninstall and reinstall the drivers is?

The method i used got me the following problems:

Switched monitors 1 and 2. My 19" used to be identified as one, and my 17" was two.. then they all of the sudden swapped????

I tried in vain trying to revetrt them, but then I started getting wierd grpahical things happening.. like looking like 8bit color etc..

Someone please help!


01-19-03, 11:26 AM
I uninstall them with the Add Remove programs and then install them at the Display properties then I go to Adapter and then to drivers and update to a different driver.

01-19-03, 12:45 PM
I've tried every possible method... and still the same results..

My 2 monitors keep switching (1 becomes 2 , 2 becomes 1)

and the worst part is, it recognizes them as the other one. Which bugs me because it's essentially switching their .infs .

I've had to go back to a restore point because it gets so bad.