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02-01-06, 01:42 PM
Hey guys I was looking around for 512Megs DDR266 PC2100 memory . My old memory in the second system is 256MB DDR266 PC2100 from spectek so I searched pricegrabber and pricewatch and found this site to have one .

link : http://www.micromagic.us/sptk5122100.html

Secondly I want a good old mainstream graphics card to use in the system , I wanted a 9700 pro since it seemed nice with 8 pipes and near 80U$D range .

I found two links on pricegarbber here :




Ok now the problem is that are these sites reliable for ordering ? I have never ordered from them , has anybody have any experience with them ?

Secondly if anyone can suggest an alternate upgrade parts from different (reliable) sites . My motherboard is GA-7VKML-p with the KM266 ( VIA:o ) memory controller , and I am not sure that I wont get any conflicts using memory modules of different brand and capacity . Secondly any suggestion on a good video card which I should go for instead of 9700pro .

02-03-06, 03:06 AM
Check out www.newegg.com,they are a good site to buy your PC componets,they have 512mb of PC2100 as low as $37 and and they have a Evga 6600GT for $114 after the $20 mail in rebate and it will be quite a bit faster then the 9700pro you are looking at and it will have the newer features on it,but that is a good price for the 9700pro ,I just have never used that site nefore for ordering anything.