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02-03-06, 08:21 AM
I need 3 simultanious video outputs on my HTPC(X15e), ie. one for the small internal display(7"), one for my LCD TV and finally one for my projector (DVI).

I have tried with a GeForce 6200 and a GeForce 6600 in each PCI express slot. It seams that only one graphics card will work at the same time.

Does anyone know if there is a limitation in either PCI ekspress standard og Windows XP to handle 2 graphics cards in the PCI exprsess slots ?

Is it better to use one graphics card for PCI express and one card for PCI ?


02-03-06, 03:07 PM
There's something wrong if you can't get three (or 4) displays driven on two PCI-E GeForce cards.

What NVIDIA drivers are you using, or are you using the ones bundled with your WinXP?

FYI I personally know this is possible. I tested an ASUS A8N SLI Premium with PCI-E and PCI cards:
- drives 6 displays using two 6800 Ultra PCI-E and one FX 5200 PCI
- drives 4 displays using two 6800 Ultra PCI-E
- drives 4 displays using one 6800 Ultra PCI-E and one FX 5200 PCI
- drives 4 displays using two FX 5200 PCI

Have not tested with 8 displays because I own only six.

02-07-06, 05:30 AM
I use the nVidia desktop manager (nForce4_AMD_670_winXP2K_International) and nVidia displaypanel (81.98_Force_ware_winXP_MCE_international_WHQL), together with the graphics cards GeForce 6600 and 6200LE.

I now manage to clone 2 displays on 6600 and with split screen drag additional programs to the screeen connected to the 6200LE.

When I boot the PC again I see only the "standard" winXP screen on the 6200LE. I have to drag the additional programs from the other display (connected to 6600) to the display connected to 6200LE.

1. Is it possible to configure it so that the additional programs are displayed on the additional screen connected to 6200LE at start up ?

2. Is it possible to configure 3 simultanious outputs (dual clone on 6600 and single mode/clone on 6200LE) at the same time so all the programs etc are visiable at the 3 displays at the same time ?


I use the folowing:
Motherboard: ABIT KN8-SLI,nForce4 SLI, Socket-939 with AMD 3200+
Asus GeForce 6600TOPP 256MB Silencer, EN6600,PCI-Express
MSI GeForce 6200LE 128MB DDR, PCI-Express

02-23-06, 05:28 AM
Does anyone have an answer to my two questions ?:)