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02-07-06, 04:14 AM
I am having problems with the tv-out on my Gainward GF6600GT VIVO card.

Output over svideo is flawless, no issues.

Output over composite has strange behaviour:-
On boot, and the loading XP screen, it's in colour. At the desktop, its in black and white. It isn't the pal/ntsc settings. In the advanced display settings (GeForce tab, nview display settings, right-click the tv, select tv format, advanced), and I set the output to 'composite', I get colour for a split second as I apply the settings, then I get no output at all on the tv. If I set the output to 'auto' I get my desktop back, but in black and white. My tv autodetects the colour format, but the issue persists even when I set both output and receiver as the same.

I have tried this with the 77.77, 81.98, 83.40 driver sets, each having the same behaviour.

Any ideas? (I know I can convert the chrominance signal from the svideo to get a useable composite signal, but that isn't the proper solution for me.)

I have an amd 3000+ on an MSI nforce3 motherboard, 1gb ram.

02-13-06, 07:48 AM

Can anyone please try to replicate this, to see if it is specific to my hardware, or driver-specific.


02-13-06, 10:50 AM
Try changing the saturation settings and see if anything changes.

02-13-06, 02:04 PM
I had the very same issue with my 7800GTX card.
And I found two ways to solve this problem.
1. Try different S-Video to Composite adapter
2. Try different TV-Out module, the one that connects to TV-Out port on your video card (my four way cable which came with E-VGA didn't work out, changing the module that came with ASUS solved the problem).

02-13-06, 03:59 PM
Also make sure your tv is set for comp in. On mine I have to select which type of input to use via the OSD

02-13-06, 04:35 PM
Yes, the s-video to composite adapter worked (after I sourced one that worked for 9), so I will be using that method for the moment, but I think it should be possible to use the real output.

I tried the saturation controls, but that didn't work for the comp-out though they worked fine for s-video.

The lead-out being wrong, that is not an impossibility, but is there a pinout for the 6-way (4x RCA and 2x mini-din) output for VIVO so I can do a pin-trace?
Also If the pinout was wrong, then I should never get colour on the tv over comp-out when the computer is booting, but the XP window loading screen is in full colour. This is why I now think it's a driver issue, but all of the driver versions that I have tried exhibit the same behaviour.

Thanks for the tips. I hope that there are nvidia people that can note this and try to fix it. :)

02-14-06, 03:18 PM
I have an nForce2-based HTPC that works with the 50-series drivers in color just fine from the onboard video, but went black-and-white with the 60-series drivers.

Since I don't play games on that system, it is still running 50-series drivers (56 IIRC) in color!

Try loading older drivers to see if it goes away.

Also, verify your refresh settings. I think I read somewhere where if the refresh /resolution is out, then the chominance (sp) gets out of wack, as far as the TV is concerned.