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02-08-06, 04:10 PM
^who ever took those need a better camera and/or a camcorder :/

anyways, on to the info...

as the translation would like to put it...

As for the game FPS (first person ・ shooting and shooting of 1 personal point of view) with, the enemy seems in the picture the coming person the one person. This person real is surprised first especially. According to the story which was inferred afterwards, you say that inside the light which transmitted the skin projects and, the light which is reflected conversely has been reproduced. This enemy it seems it is the case that you shoot the coming person with the gun, but the expression to which the body of the person is destroyed quite is vivid. The meat is stripped, the bone becomes bare. Portion of the body is impaired the same region by the fact that you shoot many degrees. The body of that person it is recognized to inside by being destroyed, that it has been reproduced completely.

basically, its realistic damage. shooting skin shows flesh/muscle, shooting flesh and muscle shows bones and organs. realistic dismemberment and gibs are there also.

what was gathered from the article
-They have done lots of software including things like Call of Duty (Kuju entertainment out of the UK)
-Prove Japan ain't the only one who knows what they're doing
-Demo titled Redwood Falls (publisher not announced yet)
-Shocked at realism of person.
-Subsurface Scattering
-The more you shoot the more you peel off the layers of the body and where you shoot changes the damage. Shoot in the same spot deeper and deeper you peel.
-Seems to "perfectly" mirror human insides.
-Genhead and Gencroud middleware.
-CEO Says 50% rise in production costs.
-Insufficient expertise will necesitate middleware.
-Genhead takes 2d picture of person and makes 3d head.
-Gencroud alters and modifies the faces (like facial expressions), more so even gender or races can be transformed.

The enemy body reacted realistically to the fire, with positional damage leaving open wounds which exposed detailed innards, right down to bones. With enough damage, body parts started falling off. Instead of collapsing to the ground from the beating, though, the enemy's body regenerated itself, returning to original form.

Reading that just makes wish they had a video of it, it really needs to be seen in motion. Mummy returns anyone?

02-08-06, 04:57 PM
basically, its realistic damage. shooting skin shows flesh/muscle, shooting flesh and muscle shows bones and organs. realistic dismemberment and gibs are there also.

this isn't new. They did they same thing in Soldier of Fortune 2, but obvously the graphics are going to be prettier in Redwood Falls.

02-08-06, 05:51 PM
I dont think SOF2 did it to this level. I remember seeing flesh in SOF2, but never bones/organs falling out and breaking, realistic dismemberment (shoot in the shoulder and enemy reacts accordingly), limbs breaking off realisticlly, and definately not growing back ala mummy returns.

SOF2 on next gen steriods maybe.

Kujo showed clips of a yet unsigned FPS called Redwood Falls. The results, according to Famitsu are alarming. Upon impact, meat is stripped from the bone as bullet penetrated the body. Viewers in the audience instinctively turned away.
squeemish crowd i guess. O_o

02-08-06, 10:20 PM
SOF2 had bones, and intestines falling out.

This seems far more realistic however.

02-08-06, 10:26 PM
This seems far more realistic however.
And like it was a total bitch to code. Yeesh.

Mr. Hunt
02-08-06, 10:57 PM
This sounds awesome... I WANT!

02-09-06, 02:26 AM
SOF2 had bones, and intestines falling out.

Yeah in a Q3 gib kind of way lol.

02-09-06, 04:20 PM
Aside from the fact that this is absolutely repulsive, it's still neat.