View Full Version : How Good is the stock heatsink+fan on the X2

02-08-06, 04:36 PM
Does the stock HSF cool good ,it looks pretty good.

02-08-06, 10:29 PM
I have looked at enough reviews to see that it is a decent HSF.

02-08-06, 10:39 PM
i like mine, cant hear it, cools good

02-08-06, 11:59 PM
I dont know if its the same as mine, but Im using the stock HSF on mine and the overclock speaks for itself :)

My CPU is running at 1.65v with a 700Mhz overclock and right now Im at 45C... been running and busy for about 8 hours now. This is one kick ass stock heatsink :)

02-09-06, 07:27 AM
The one that came with my 4800 X2 is rather impressive. Large cooler and fan, eith heat-pipes as well!