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02-09-06, 10:00 AM
3.2c that I am told overclocks to 4.0ghz on water stable from the previous user. It is a 13 capper pentium 4. I use to run it at 3.6 with ease when i first bought it. After a month i decided to bring it back down to its original clocks mainly because all the games I play arent really CPU intensive so it was unneeded.

The IC7 motherboard is a great overclocking board. I removed the chipset fan as it started becoming noisey and to my surprise noticed the temperatures did not go up at all and it was ALOT more quiet.

$145 or best offer for the chip
$45 or best offer for the mobo

I also have an all copper 90mm SLK-900u Thermalright Heatsink that i paid $50 for new and throw in a fan all for 10 bucks(which is less than the price of the fan itself!).

Heat: Tygerwoody
Email: Tygerwoody@gmail.com

02-21-06, 08:34 AM
price drop
$135 for the chip
$39 for the mobo

btw, why cant i edit my top post?