View Full Version : =( I Need Help With My Source!!

02-10-06, 01:13 AM
everytime i try and play any source game like Half-Life 2 or CS:S it always takes me to the source screen then right when i get to the source screen it restarts my computer and goes to a blue screen i cant read what it says cause it goes to fast..i cant play anything on source...garrys mod CS:S or nothing it sucks and i dont know how im going to play if youll can help me thtd be awsome PS: what happenes is i start it up and my comp restarts itself and goes to a blue screen then restarts...

02-10-06, 07:21 AM
Are you overclocking anything? What are your rigs specs? Also (I'm guessing you have Winxp and a legal copy of hl2), if you go to Start>control panel>system>advanced>startup and recovery>settings and uncheck automatically restart, then you'll be able to read what errors the blue screen is giving you. Good luck.