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02-10-06, 10:09 PM
To say how the machine acts normally would be an oxymoron...

The specs:
Soyo P4X400 Dragon Lite
Intel Celeron 2.7 GHz
1024 MB DDR PC3200 SDRAM (2x 512MB one stick of Samsung, one stick of Mushkin)
Maxtor DiamondMax16 120 GB HD at 5400 RPM
Maxtor 40 GB HD as well

I have had the mobo + Celeron + Samsung RAM + 40 GB for several years, the 120 GB HD is relatively new.

(My brother typed that up, I will continue (I, being Geof..)

He has been having several issues for quite a while, his voltages are definitely not the best, in his BIOS it shows up as about 11.6 to 11.8 on the +12v rail, where as in winblows it shows up as 11.2. He recently bought an evga 6600gt AGP, which hasn't caused any system instability, he also bought the stick of mushkin ram at the same time. I gave him my old power supply and the voltages are even worse when it is relatively better, seeing as it use to power my amd 64 system meanwhile overclocking and the whole bit, for quite a while, with perfect voltages. The hard drives he has have started to run slowly not mattering on which IDE controller they are on, but the 120GB shows this more than the 40GB. The system has crashed meanwhile playing games and even just from plugging devices in the back and unplugging them, eg) joysticks (not usb), headphones, pushing in a ps/2 device a tad more securely, etc.

This system is definitely not my brothers favourite nor mine, but on a limited amount of money it would be nice to have a system that actually works and works stable. I have personally spent countless hours working on his computer to try and get it working but it just will not do anything. Any help will be appreciated, comments, etc.

02-10-06, 10:40 PM
i would say its the mobo for sure.. if not then the psu.

02-12-06, 06:39 PM
He bought an Asus P4P800 SE and the voltages are way better, everythings stable so far.. yay.. he's very happy now :)

02-13-06, 02:17 PM
Soyo is still in the mobo business?? They haven't made a decent product in years!