View Full Version : Barton 3200 or Dual Xeon 2.2's?

02-11-06, 03:08 PM

i received a handmedown from work yesterday - a dual 2.2ghz xeon with hyperthreading. my main machine is a barton 3200+.. i put my 6800nu (16x6) in the xeon and it seems alright, but benchmarks are a wee bit slower (aquamark and the futuremark series..haven't gotten around to installing any games yet), but the operating system is muuch more responsive. i'm having a hard time figuring out which one i should use .. maybe i'm too indecisive. which one would you guys use, and why? the main games are play are flight sims, occasional doom3/quake4/c&c/fear/well just about anything i suppose. mhz for mhz they're the same, but that sounds matter these days anyway :)

specs are:

barton 3200, 1.5 gigs ram gigabyte 7n400pro2

dual 2.2 xeons (512k cache), intel i860 motherboard (it's a compaq evo w6000)

thanks :)

02-11-06, 03:09 PM
i think the 3200+ would give better gaming performance.

02-11-06, 03:29 PM
with the xeon's i got 3800 points in 3dmark 05 and with the amd in the 4500's.. so yea i guess i'll stick with the amd and make a nice paperweight out of the xeons :p

02-11-06, 03:55 PM
ill take the xeons for a few $$ if you want...

02-11-06, 05:02 PM
name your price.. (for the whole box, i really have no use of it :P )
(no hard drive unfortunatly, but it does have IDE & SCSI)

02-11-06, 08:35 PM
pm. :D