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02-12-06, 11:08 AM
High performance PC maker WidowPC recently unveiled plans to release its Sting 919 laptop featuring dual NVIDIA GeForce Go 7800 GPUs based on nForce 4 SLI core logic. The system will likely come equipped with an AMD processor and feature a 19-inch widescreen display.

However, if you're looking for a highly portable gaming platform, this most likely won't fit the bill. To dissipate the heat generated by two high-end graphics processors in addition to other components would require quite an elaborate cooling system and decent sized enclosure. Naturally, such a large laptop would not be considered very portable, due to its weight and power requirements. It may, however, find its niche in the hearts of gamers who frequent LAN parties or lack desk space.

The price point for the WidowPC Sting 919 is not clear, but given the price points for current high end gaming laptops from companies like Dell, Alienware, and Sager, it won't come cheap. WidowPC was also forced to remove the announcement from its website, citing a "pending agreement with NVIDIA."

Look for more on the WidowPC Sting 919 as information becomes available

02-13-06, 09:52 AM
19" screen.. That's not a laptop, that's a portable desktop replacement.

Mobile + SLI doesn't sound very logical imho, but I guess buzzwords sell and what's a better buzzword than SLI?

oh and dancing banana(nana2)

edit: Really doesn't sound like a very logical LAN machine to me either. Gamers like to be able to upgrade, and paying a premium for a non-upgradable machine doesn't sound very attractive even if it is easier to lug around than a Shuttle or other SFF. I think they'll be lucky if they find any kind of niche market.

02-13-06, 11:22 AM
19" screen.. That's not a laptop, that's a portable desktop replacement.

I think there is a market for portables. That's how I use my laptop at work, I essentially treat it as a portable. In fact, I don't think I've ever even used it on battery power. Anyway, if I ever got one for home, that's what I'd want. A portable. I wouldn't need to use it in class and I don't travel a lot so using it on the plane wouldn't be of any use either. I essentially would want something more convenient to use than a SFF system. I could carry it around the house or take it with me when I visit my family. Your edit hits the main sticking point for me though and is the reason I don't have a laptop for home use. I like to upgrade often and the thought of spending that much money on something that I'm basically stuck with for a while, has been too much for me so far.

02-13-06, 11:43 AM
Yeah, thats a desktop replacement and will be a complete brick. Even the 17" ones weigh a ton and are a brick, they also get very hot.
SuXXor ....you'd be nuts buying one.