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08-15-02, 06:15 PM
Does anyone know what the cause of the IBM HDD failures are, or how to prolong their lives?

I have a Deskstart 60gxp and I'd like it to last (going for 1 yr so far).

I have searched the IBM web site and haven't even found public notice of problems, stats on reliability, or care recommendations, only ads to buy their drives.

08-16-02, 12:19 PM
holy crap! youve had it a year???? :eek: and it STILL works? My friends lasted couple months each, and mine 4!!! Start backing up now... and NEVER swear at your pc.... :D

08-16-02, 12:39 PM
NO MORE IBM for me :>

08-17-02, 04:15 AM
Maxtor is definatly the choice. I've had several IBM hard Drives Die on me, and 2 Western Digital Special Edition Drives, in the past year.

I had a 100 GB Special Edition drive, had it 3 months it died. Then I sent it back and got a refurbished Special Editon 100 GB, it died in 2 weeks. After that I said **** it, the drive is sitting in my dresser, I seriously doubt i'll be sending it back, waste 20 bucks shipping that way they can take a month to ship me another peice of ****.


08-18-02, 10:09 PM
Hmmm..... All I've bought throughout my computer building career have been WD's... My first replaced a Compaq 8GB Bigfoot, man those things we a joke. Anywho, I replaced that with a 20gig 5400RPM WD, this was back in 98. I still have the original drive and it still runs with no problem. I put another WD in my Slot A box that I built in April of 2000, it was another 20GB but a 7200RPM. Again, I still have the original drive and with no problems. In my main rig, I've been running a WD 100GB. I've had the drive since November of '01, still running strong. I got the drive for like $120, which was an amazing deal in November of '01. If I were to buy another HD I'd have no problem buying another WD.

I've had a neighbor that went through 3 WD's and finally gave up on them and went Maxtor. But I have a friend who won't touch a Maxtor drive if you gave it to him, having gone through 5 or so of them.

It all depends on experiences really. I won't go Maxtor until WD gives me a reason to. That being price/performance/reliability.

As far as IBM dealing out to WD. I'd have a huge problem believing that just because their jumpers are keyed differently.

08-18-02, 11:05 PM
I used to buy IBM hard drives all the time but after all the Deathstar 75GXP and 60GXP's began dying they lost me as a customer.

This is really ridiculous expecially coming from a company that had the most respect 2 years ago. Yeah IBM harddrives were the best for a while like with the 34GXP. Then the 75GXP's came out and they started dying, followed by the 60GXP's.

Hitachi bought IBM's hard drive division and there was supposed to be no disruption in support. But when you read threads (http://www.pcabusers.net/forums/showthread.php?s=&threadid=20330) like this one, its just another reason to stay away from IBM hard drives. Maybe all the hard drives dying is why IBM unloaded the hard drive division off onto Hitachi. http://sbp777.homestead.com/files/hmm.gif

Definitely a smart move to go with Seagate for my last drive.

Western Digital, Seagate and Maxtor are good.

08-18-02, 11:10 PM
Originally posted by madthumbs
IBM sucks.. no wonder they sold their drive division. Some WD's were reported to be made by IBM. WD did use IBM technology back in the 34GXP days. AFAIK WD doesn't use IBM technology now.