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02-14-06, 05:40 PM
i have the 6800gs agp. i would like to try the 77.77 drivers. how do you do the inf mod?...thanks..:afraid:

02-14-06, 11:10 PM
Have a look at link is sig :)

02-14-06, 11:57 PM
If LaptopVideo2go doesn't have them, no one will. ;)

02-15-06, 05:06 PM
i don't see 6800gs in the 77.77 ini...thanks..

02-15-06, 05:14 PM
If you don't see 6800 GS in the inf then that driver probably doesn't support that card. But you can wait on mobilenvidia to confirm, as he knows best ;)

02-15-06, 09:41 PM
Yikes I didn't realise this driver was so old.

I've updated modded INF to latest version and 6800GS is definitly there.

02-16-06, 03:31 PM
so, do you think it's safe for me to try these modded 77.77 drivers with my 6800gs agp card? is there only one modded 77.77 drivers on the site?.....thank you....:D

02-16-06, 05:19 PM
It should be fairly safe 60,000 visitors use them.
I don't add any tweaks that could harm your GPU.

Other thing, does 77.77 actually support the 6800GS, when did nVidia add this to the driver

02-16-06, 05:28 PM
no, nvidia drivers don't support 6800gs agp. i just got your drivers and installed and my card is recognized as unknown. does this modded inf driver have 6800gs agp support?...thanks..

02-16-06, 09:32 PM
no, nvidia drivers don't support 6800gs agp.

Why not use the 81.98's from www.nvidia.com/drivers ?

Sometimes just adding the card's device IDs to the inf is not an official way to support a graphics card. The drivers really should be built from the ground up to support the devices. An INF is just an installation file for the driver. It does not contain any binary code that the drivers themselves do.

mobilenvidia originally began to modify the INFs in order to provide much better support for laptop GPUs. He is now adding a wider range of desktop GPU support as well. However AFAIK he doesn't necessarily take the time to modify older drivers to work with the newest graphics cards. Because as you can see, often times this mod isn't possible.

02-17-06, 01:57 AM
What is happening as I said earlier.
77.77 doesn't support the 6800 GS, it was released before the GPU was thought of. (well support added for it)
That is why you get that 'Unknown' error as it can't find your GPU that wasn't even made yet at that time.

I don't modify the driver it self (or I'm sure I'd be working for nVidia).
I modify the installer INF so that as many as possible GPU are supported.
That is why with newer versions of my INFs I add support for the newtly released GPU's.

As Rewt said give 81.98 a wizz this has 6800 GS support as will any new drivers.

Hope this helps.

02-18-06, 02:54 PM
Just fyi 81.98 does not support 6800GS *AGP*...need the beta 82.12 version from their beta site.


02-18-06, 04:16 PM
You can grab a newer INF like 82.12 and then use this to install an older driver.
Not ideal but should work OK.

Don't try this with drivers with the new Control Panel as results may dissapoint.