View Full Version : 7800 GS - high-pitched whine

02-15-06, 06:48 AM
Is my new 7800GS faulty?

I've just upgraded from an FX5900 which was reasonably quiet. My new card, however, has a high-pitched whine as soon as I turn it on. It's just about acceptable in 2D (Windows) mode but in 3D mode it's actually quite shrill.

Should the card be this noisy/piercing? Is this something that the newer generation of cards do by default or is there something I can do about it?

Idle temps are around 40, by the way.

02-15-06, 07:00 AM
RMA the fan is bad.

02-15-06, 07:56 AM
Thanks. I'd hoped that wouldn't be necessary, but I think you're probably right - the noise is terrible.