View Full Version : 6800 to 7800 agp

02-15-06, 10:03 AM
Just woundering if i would notice much difference going from my BFG 6800u oc to the new BFG 7800 gs agp??


My spec:
P4 3.2
1.5gig ram

How come their so cheap too? I payed 400 for my 6800 when they first come out and now i can get this for just over 200.

Thanks ;)

02-15-06, 11:41 AM
there are several threads on this subject already.

it will give you a minor perf boost. its biggest benefit is 'future proofing' as it has more advanced architecture.
with what you have i would wait a couple of months - the price will drop more. it is not like your card cant run anything that is out there right now:)

02-16-06, 09:38 AM
Thanks ;)