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02-15-06, 06:33 PM
I don't care if it is the fastest drive in the world or not, I'm looking for recommendations for a quiet & reliable DVD-RW drive.


02-16-06, 06:11 AM
i just bought a pioneer dual layer DVD+-R, it works great, pretty quiet, it writes dvd's really fast (as fast as my 52x cd burner takes to make a cd) and it's alot quieter than my cd burner, so far it's reliable, but i've only had it for a few days, and it came with a nice little suite of burning programs

02-16-06, 06:22 AM
Thanks...I'll look into that drive. My old NEC it starting to act up and suddenly its really loud. I see bad things in its future ;)

02-16-06, 01:14 PM
My Pioneer a08 is surprisingly quiet thanks to its rock solid spindal to prevent access vibrations. No drive is immune to bad disc how ever.

Also nero comes with a bunch of tools, one of wich will lower the speed your cd and dvd drives read at.

02-16-06, 01:50 PM
Nero DriveSpeed. :)

02-16-06, 03:41 PM
I've had nothing but good luck with NEC, and they were always whisper quiet.

02-16-06, 04:36 PM
Another vote for PIONEER DVD-RW DVR-108 or A08 (dual layer X16).I cannot hear it read or write.

They have a new model out, A09 I guess but I dont know how silent it is.

02-16-06, 04:52 PM
No drive is whisper quiet when it spins up to full speed which will have to happen on occasion. Installing a game for instance will often cause the drive to spin up when it wants go and copy 4GB worth of files.