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What the tip?

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Good, I don't have to start a new thread. I'll just recycle this one.

I'm looking to watercool my system. I have an Antec 3700BQE case that just does not provide decent cooling for my video card. The slim 120mm fan in the front just can't push past layer and layer of metal. I've got 2 120 Panaflo's in their ciculating what they can, but its just moving hot air.

I've done some Googling, but would like some of you guy's suggestions on cooling.

I want to cool:

2 Hard Drives
Mobo Chipset

Don't worry if you don't have any suggestions. I'm not thinking I'm going to get any here, but I just felt that this thread HAD to be used for something! :D

02-16-06, 09:37 PM
You get two points for saving me from having to delete this useless thread! :D

Can I redeem them for the renaming of that thread that involves me making frenching men? :)