View Full Version : Problem...SoundStorm or speaker drivers?

02-18-06, 03:41 AM
When I run nVidia spkr test I'm told that the right front is coming out of the left. There is no left sound at all. My right front spkr has nothing coming out of it but I know it works just fine. All else is fine with the 5.1 system that is all run from the woofer. Controls, volume etc., on right front spkr seem ok. Headphone jack is in rt front and the test repeats the same scenerio, right out of left and no left test sound or right speaker. My headphones are 5.1 and right rear speaker works fine as do the phones center and rear come out of the right. I'm confused..... Could there be a problem in the woofer works? I recently installed an Audugy 2 SV card but this wasn't a problem in the beginning, all worked fine. I've ordered a new set of speakers, Creative Digital 5500. I'm afraid I'll have the same problem with them. Has anyone ever come across a problem such as this? I can't figure out what would cause such a problem as this. All suggestions appreciated.

02-18-06, 04:00 AM
I'm not sure that I followed you all the way through your diagnosis, I'm assuming that when you said that your left speaker isn't working and that the right speaker has nothing coming out of it, that you are referring to the test mode, rather than in normal use. I'm not sure about your system, but I have the Audigy 2 ZS Platinum, with Creative 5.1 speakers. If I had this problem on mine, the first thing that I would check is that I had the speakers plugged into the correct jacks on the woofer. However, since you have the same problem with the headset, I'm not sure. But, On mine, I have to use a splitter to plug the headset in along with a regular speaker. If you do also, this could still be caused by having this plugged into the wrong jack. I do not use an Nvidia speaker test, because my sound card came with a software suite from Creative that does this, so I don't know anything about the program that you are using. I know that there are enough wires coming out of the woofer that is can be confusing, so that is where I would focus. I still don't know if all of your speakers actually work or not, but you can always check any of them by switching them around.