View Full Version : dell2005/philips 200w6 backlight bleeding and uniform color

02-21-06, 12:54 PM
Hi! I will buy philips 200w6 widescreen or dell 2005 display very soon. Philips is similar to dell 2005 (same screen), but its cheaper then dell. I have oportunity to check display before i buy it so here is my questions:

Can I spot backlight bleeding in store? Becouse in store its to much light. At home I will use monitor in dark so it really bothers me. Can I somehow look screen at "angle" to look for backlight bleeding.

If anyone have display with backlight bleelding can You please tell me is it posible to see it in light conditions?

How is white color uniformity for dell 2005 and philips 200w6? I noticed yesterday in store, that philips has a litlle brighter center of the screen. I will look dell next day.

Philips is No1 choice dell No2.

How is posability that dead pixel emerges in next few days after i buy it. I mean not in a year or so but in next week.

Best regards