View Full Version : X-Fi, 7800GT, and Battlefield 2

02-21-06, 11:19 PM
I was looking around Circuit City a few days ago and saw they had a bunch of X-Fi 's on sale. Bought an Extreme Music for $110, took it home, installed it.. works great. Love the crystalizer. :D

Today I decided to try out Battlefield 2 with it. Already had it installed, so I opened it up and my monitor flickers twice like it's changing resolution or refresh rate, then just quits to my desktop. Restarted; nothing. Tried a few fixes.. deleting my Battlefield2 folder in My Documents, changing desktop resolution/refresh rates and still nothing. Tried a number of Nvidia drivers; 81.89, 83.40, 83.90.. NOTHING. :thumbdwn:

Looked around on EA forums, and it didn't help.. some people had the same problem, but fixed it by deleting their Battlefield2 in their documents. Soo, I have NO idea what else to try. I have the latest X-Fi drivers, and everything else in my system is EXACTLY the same as the last time I played BF2. Could the X-Fi be causing my problems somehow?

Here is my specs.. don't have them in my sig yet. (crazy)

Asus A8N-SLi Deluxe (1011)
3500+ @ 2.3Ghz (10 x 230) hey.. it's a newcastle :o
2x512MB Corsair XMS DDR-400 @ 460Mhz
eVGA 7800GT @ 475/1280