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02-24-06, 05:07 AM
hi gga :)
i couldnt find the thread about 83.50 fast on first site here in forum, thats the reason why i open this thread.
83.50 from asus is a mobile driver modded with inf for desktops, download at laptopvideo2go or at guru3.com or at www.computerbase.de/downloads

Its a good driver so far. I have same FPS in FEAR like 83.90 :D and 0,1 FPS faster in FarCry :p
benchmarks will be updated in table until tomorrow diner at link:


3dm2005 = 4389 :( and 3dm2006 = 2073 :) look list above to compare - ergo back to 8198 or 8390

god week-end ;) crocket

ps.: dear nvidia digitalworks - remember : nice day - new driver :o

02-25-06, 04:37 AM
benchmarks-results ready and updated with mod. inf. of 83.50
not bad in performance and good in IQ but 83.50 dont hit or reach 81.98 anyway.

results in table - view (ty to agentkay for this) at link :


good week-end :) crocket