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02-24-06, 07:35 AM
m looking for a amd cpu 939.(bought) and 939 sli motherboard. (bought)i'll bye or trade. i have a evga 6800 agp 128mb unlocked 16\6 for 150.00. and a amdxp2800+ and soyo dragon v2.0 m\b for 125.00. 2-matched pair of 512 mems corsair valueselect for 65.00. and i have 10,000$ of sports cards and autographs.
HL2 game 20.00
DOOM3 game 20.00
nascar simracing 10.00
day of defeat 10.00
roxio 5.00
4-dsl modems 15.00 all less than 1 year old
4-256 meg pc133- 20.00 each
muhumed ali's autograph on religous muslim pamplet [rare] 175.00 (mispelled)
O.B.O. on everything. must sell to be able to upgrade.( single working parent on a budget.)
ex-wife screwed me out of my income tax this year by illegally claiming my daughter that i have raised by myself for 2 years. nothing i can do about it, $3780.00 gone just like that. now i only get back 395.00. got to use that on bills. oh well....thats my story..
looking for a 24 pin powersupply 500w and up
looking for a sli bridge
looking for a pci-x video card under 100.00
heatware: venomous35

02-24-06, 07:52 AM
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02-24-06, 07:56 AM
heatware: venomous35