View Full Version : Sata2 transfers possible on Neo2 Platinum?

02-24-06, 03:00 PM
I have bought a 300GB DiamonMax 6V300F0 SATA2 Maxtor drive and now I wonder, is it possible to get SATA2 transfer rates on my mobo (nforce3)?

Also, Windows would freeze at the logo bar (which would just keep going and going) when I had plugged the drive into the 4th SATA port. Is this somehow related (with me not getting the advertised sata2 speed, only 150GB/s), and are these ports sata1 -and -2 specific?

Thank you for your answers.

02-24-06, 04:02 PM
I don't think any nforce 3 chipset is cable of sata2. My Neo2 worked fine with 2 80gb maxtors on 3-4 in RAID0. Sorry I'm not more help.

02-24-06, 04:07 PM
FWIW it doesn't matter short of truly extreme RAID arrays. The bottleneck has been and still is in most situations the disc itself, not the interface.

02-24-06, 07:02 PM
Thank you, though I was really hoping to get sata2 since the Maxtor should support it.

02-25-06, 04:43 AM
SATA300 drives should work on SATA150 controllers, with the only difference that the max transfer rate on the interface is 150mb/sec instead of 300, which no drive really gets close to anyway..

Have you OCed your FSB?
Didnt 2 of the 4 SATA ports freak out when you OCed the FSB on one of the MSI K8N series boards? either 1&2 or 3&4.. vague memory of something like that..

02-25-06, 05:14 AM
i think it was ports 1&2 that didnt have locks. AFAIK theres no point in sata2 at the moment since no sata drive can even fill the sata150 interface. Even the fastest HD (WD Rapter 150) only comes in sata and will beat any sata2 drive.

02-25-06, 06:18 PM
Yeah it's 3 and 4 for it to be locked. Also no hard drive gets anyway near it's 300MB/sec. Besides the NF3 RAID supports Native CQ anyway.

Son Goku
02-25-06, 09:32 PM
FWIW it doesn't matter short of truly extreme RAID arrays. The bottleneck has been and still is in most situations the disc itself, not the interface.

Yeah, last I heard, Cheetah x-15s were getting about 96 MB/sec...no where nears the 150 MB or the 300 MHz we're talking about here. That said, 2 x15 drives could do it, albeit unlike the raptors they're SCSI only last I heard.

I ran into this a number of years ago, when I was getting my newer Cheetah which was Ultra 160 SCSI. My older card was Ultra Wide 2, or 80 MB/sec, except u2w drives costed more then the the u160... In the end I got a newer controller card, and learned after the fact I wouldn't have had to.

Needless to say, the Ultra 320 SCSI that has been around for awhile, no stinken PCI slot, even 64-bit PCI of which my card is one (outside of PCI-x) could keep up with the thing, and we're also back to the hard drives.

We're probably a number of years away from a drive that will push beyond 150 MB/sec, though given the rate drive performance has increased, I wouldn't put it too far away, and again because of looking at the Cheetah/raptor performance increases we've seen in the last half decade or so...

02-25-06, 10:59 PM
I had two X15's in RAID0 for a while. Adaptec 39320D controller. PCI32 in that case was a bottleneck, ATTO benchmarks showed it getting close to max. bandwidth. That was a smokin' fast setup but good God was it expensive. And noisy because of the active cooling required.

Son Goku
02-26-06, 02:38 AM
Yeah, I can imagine. My first Cheetah x10 (or just called Cheetah back then), which was a 9.1 GB that used the u2w (LVD) interface was $1,600. The 37.6 GB Cheetah (also x10) that I got in Dec. 2000 was about $500. Performance increased from a measured 16.5 MB/sec (according to Adaptec SCSIbench 32) with the older drive, to 35 MB/sec using the same bench program. New reports have the x10 at about 85 MB/sec (which is where I got my comparison for how much the drives improved, comparing newer reports to what my gen 2 and 3 Cheetahs can do), and about 96 MB/sec for the x15.

As to the noise, my drives whined when they were new... Not sure how noisey the x15s are, but can somewhat imagine based on what I got from my x10s. The newer Adaptec Ultra 160 SCSI card I got in Dec 2000, I got online for about $140, though it was MSRP at about $260 or so when I bought it, as I remember. The card is a 64-bit PCI card, but my mobos only had 32-bit PCI slots. So naturally, yes, the 32-bit PCI bus can't support the 150 MB/sec the Ultra160 card could achieve... Probably why the card was 64-bit...

02-26-06, 09:05 AM
My 36.7GB X15's were $500 each, and the controller was $200. The cooler was another $50 or so. Not cheap.

W/ATTO I was pushing 110MB/sec. with that array. Which is nearing the theoretical limit of PCI32 (128MB/sec). I needed more bus captain!! lol

Actually other than the seek noise mine were pretty quiet. Very little whine. The fan in my Bay Cool 3 was what seemed to generate the most racket. But with drives running that fast you had to have it.

I'm pretty impressed with the Raptor. For as cheap as it is, it's pretty speedy. Not as fast as my Cheetahs sure, but pretty close for the dollar. :)

02-26-06, 02:55 PM
I egt around 120~133MB/sec with RAID-0 and 2x Raptor 73GB drives.

02-26-06, 03:38 PM
If I had to guess the Cheetahs probably could've done much better than they did w/PCI32, possibly up to 150MB/sec or so. To bad though, I needed PCI-X to use that controller in 64bit and unfortunately (or fortunately) that never caught on.