View Full Version : COD2 demo on XBLM

02-24-06, 11:18 PM
The call of duty 2 demo is up on xbox live marketplace. There is also a trailer for oblivion on there.

02-25-06, 01:20 AM
lol. I see you just joined Rage3D. :p

02-25-06, 04:32 AM
Yeah i'm a bad boy. Some jerk-off over there tried to bust my balls for posting something that was already posted when I posted it first.

02-25-06, 05:26 AM
I didn't pickup COD2 neither for the PC nor for the Xbox because I'm honestly tired of WW2-FPSes with the usual nazi vs allies battles (Pacific assault was a welcome break)

With more than 500000 copies sold in the US alone, I don't think this game needed a demo. Where is my damned Ridge Racer demo? This one surely deserves it!

02-25-06, 10:35 AM
It's the same demo as the one for PC, even has the "Pre-Release Demo" watermark on top.

02-26-06, 06:53 AM
They could yeah instead give out demos to thoose games you wanna try before maybe buy...