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02-26-06, 08:33 PM


Looks like a phenominal game. I am definately going to get this later this week. The best part is they said that it was part of a triology. God it looks this good now, imagine what it will look like on the 360 and the PS3. This is everything Killzone should have been and more.

I know they touch on the fact that they focused completely on singleplayer so it was phenominal, which is seems to be, but watching videos, all I could think about was what an amazing MP game this could be, It would get INSANE with that kind of action going on, to the point of a possible Halo killer. Not to bash criterion because I love them, but the interface is basically completely ripped from Halo, from gun holding mechanisms, to melee, to the way that grenades are thrown, but I have NO problem with that as I love the way Halo plays, so I'm sure to love this too.

02-27-06, 12:42 AM
The game sucks.

I actually got to play it and all I can say is. :thumbdwn:



02-27-06, 12:51 AM
That looks pretty cool... alot like Fear I think... even the way he throws the grenade looks like Fear :)

02-27-06, 12:51 AM
I loved it, beat it twice now. BEST explosions I've seen ever in a video game btw.

02-27-06, 01:17 AM
does this game work on 360 ?

02-27-06, 02:49 AM
Damn it, I havn't used my Xbox for a shooter since Halo 2 came out. If that's what the graphics look like, there is no doubt in my mind that part of next weekend is going to a different game than CSS. If only I had an HDTV...


02-27-06, 07:57 AM
Black is very fun despite some minor complaints: cant run or jump,lighting effects are pre rendered ,example: you're able to shoot out lights / lightbulbs but the area doesnt get any darker. Minor stuff tho the game is a blast ,im currently on the docks (level 6?).

02-27-06, 08:44 AM
Based on what I'm reading, this is one I'll probably pick up once the price of a used copy has dropped below $20.

02-27-06, 06:06 PM
The physics in this look really good.

03-01-06, 06:37 PM
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Woot woot, I'll post my opinion this weekend


03-01-06, 11:38 PM
It amazes me how good it looks coming from an xbox/PS2.

03-04-06, 03:11 AM
Give me a ramped up PC version ....dammit.

03-06-06, 12:27 AM

Genre: FPS
Difficulty: Easy
Players: 1
Developer: Criterion Games
Publisher: EA
Review by Kev13Dd

You're an undercover black ops specialist who goes into a whole bunch of hardcore fights. That's pretty much it. As lame as that one sentance may be, it pretty much describes the entire synopsis

This is the games shining grace. The graphics in this game are absolutly fantastic for the generation of game it is. I played it on a crappy normal TV, so I can only imagine how it looks in high definiton. The lighting was one of the most amazing aspects of the graphics. For a graphics card that can't really do HDR, this game did it's best to add in every cool lighting feature it could. The bloom effect was maybe a tad overdone, but most of the time it fit in great. Light shining in through windows, the sun illuminating the dust in the air, there were tons of effects that I've yet to see on any PC game I've played. Texture quality was pretty good. Nothing you'd expect out of a nice 512 PC card, but they looked almost as good as most launch titles for the 360. The textures got repetative and bland some maps, but when you're shooting the hell out of the walls, most of those textures turn into dust. Models were pretty good. Nothing fantastic with the people, but the gun models were uber realistic

The worst part of the graphics was the water. IT SUCKED. Hardcore. I'm talking DOOM 1 had better water than this crap. And for a game that had at least 3 levels that were around a lot of water, it was noticeable. I know they had to keep the water low quality so the rest of the game could shine, but seriously, try to at least attempt to not make it look pixelated to hell

I played this whole game with headphones on and I was satistfied. Since this game was inspired by a visit to a gun range, they seem to have put a lot of focus into the gun effects. Each gun has a unique sound, a unique reload sound, and all of them sound realistic. It's easy to tell what gun the enemy is using from the sound too. One of the great sound effects in this game is the bullets crumbling the walls around you, and that's done to perfection as well. The soundtrack is cheasy as usual with most games, but it's high quality cheesy. You can run your own soundtrack and control it with the black and white buttons, so make it your own

The controls were great- especially since you were aloud to customize every button if you wanted to. I found myself setting the custom controls to pretty much match Halos- which didn't require much since the game was already set that way. So why not an A? The sensitivity. I play with a sensitivity of 7.3 in CSS, so when a game doesn't give me the option to change my look sensitivity, I cry. And this one not only didn't give me the option, but also made it SUPER SLOW. I found it hard sometimes when the enemy could run faster than I could scroll in close combat- and a lot of the game was done in close combat. Besides the sensitivity though, spot on

Don't get me wrong- the gameplay was superb. Almost everything was destructable. You run into a room and start shooting and instantly somethings blowing up and walls are being torn apart. It was everything the video posted above said it was, so I'll just focus on the negative aspects that annoyed the hell out of me

The storyline. It was awful. Not only did I have a hard time understanding it, but when I finally did, it sucked. And it ended horrible too. The game is supposed to be a trilogy so of course it had to end sucky. But this game blew it bad. It said I was at 26% when I was 4 hours in. Sweet. I loved it, and I had 12 hours set aside in the next 2 days to finish it. But the credits started rolling at 30% completion- and only 4 hours 57 minutes. I played it on a normal difficulty- but even on harder there isn't much more to the game that you can compete except those stupid "find the unneccessary top secret folders" which don't add anything to the game

Shooting. I loved the game because if you got a headshot the guy was pretty much finished. But there were glitches. Sometimes it seemd that if a guy was a certain distance away, I couldn't hit him no matter how many times I shot with my crosshairs right on him. Move 10 feet closer, and suddenly my bullets hit him perfect. Weird

Although there were tons of explosives, there weren't as many as the video review made it sound. Although I had to admit, I did sometimes find myself randomly throwing nades or shooting around in hope that it might hit an explosive. On the bright side, the explosions were AMAZING. They fit into the gameplay and graphics flawlessly

There were tons of big heavy fight scenes, but there were also times of walking around without anyone around. That got boring, even though it didn't happen much. The big fight scenes also seemed too arcady. Instead of having a certain set amount of enemies, new ones would randomly jump out of a hole in the ceiling when you finished off the first wave. And each wave would get harder with more difficult enemies- not that the enemies were that difficult- there were pretty much only 4 basic types

The gameplay was amazing and I really got into it. But I kept waiting for it to get better- and the game just ended

I'm not kidding- if this game had multiplayer, it would be my favorite game of all time. But without multiplayer or even co-op, it's doomed to die in the discount bin eventually

I really enjoyed this game and it definatly made me feel proud of my little Xbox. But I won't recomment anyone buy it unless they hope to impress their friends when they come over. Rent it, beat it in 5 hours, and return it. It will be worth every penny


03-06-06, 01:55 AM
FPS on consoles are useless without a mouse...

Some people prefer it with a joypad. Its a matter of personal preference which some people cant get their heads around.

03-06-06, 02:12 AM
FPS on consoles are useless without a mouse...

Not really.

03-06-06, 02:21 AM
sour graping :)


03-06-06, 08:18 AM
For this game, a mouse isn't all that necessary and in fact might take away from some of the fun

Like I said, I wouldn't mind the joystick to have been a bit more sensitive, but accuracy never really was the problem. When you needed to be accurate is when you're being stealthy- and in that case you have plenty of time to aim a nice headshot. The rest of the game though, is more of a spray and pray type of game. When you run into a room with 6 enemies all around you shooting, you just whip out the machine gun and hold down fire until all 150 bullets are gone. If that didn't kill them all, reload and go again

One thing I didn't mention about the game that I disliked is the unrealistic enemy deaths. You shoot a guy, he bends over hurt, then straightens up and starts shooting you. And if you put it into single fire mode, you can pump 7 bullets into his stomach and he'll just do that same dumb bending over thing again and again. Only a headshot causes any different animation...


03-06-06, 10:06 AM
ive been playin it lately.
simply put, no story, great action, very addictive.
if it had MP and was released 5 years ago, people would be saying "whats halo?"

true story, no lie.

03-06-06, 04:45 PM
ive been playin it lately.
simply put, no story, great action, very addictive.
if it had MP and was released 5 years ago, people would be saying "whats halo?"

true story, no lie.

But I do think that it's part of the story that keeps Halo alive. I think the icon of mastercheif is tons more effective than this guy. The story is what made Halo Halo- the action makes this game


03-07-06, 07:35 AM
Just picked this game up for 5....Hmv gamer points come in handy today :D