View Full Version : could I overclock more?

02-28-06, 09:22 PM
3800 x2 currently at 2.4ghz stable prime 95 30 min, and 3d mark
kingsten value ram 3200, at 166 right now but due to overclock cpu z has it at 200 and at tighter timeings :)


vcore is hammered at 1.4

all ht is at 4x

heres the motherboard


overclocking pushed up my 3dmark 05 up 300 points, i use geoshell and i have
dual moniters one on the 6800 one on the onboard video, both have that cool color satruation thing in the display properties on at 25%, u guys know what im talken about, give deeper nicer cooler, anyway my last benchmark with like 20 things running came in at 6001 in 3d mark 05 so im pretty happy with that :)

at 2.5 its unstable uped voltage to 1.5 nothing hmm lowered ram to 133, nothing, tryed 9x some high fsb, wouldent boot, all spread spectrums off

am i leaving anything out or is there somehting else that could be hurting i get a .5 expected .4 in prime 95, if i go past 2.4 ghz, theres like 4 ht settings

is the k8 the onboard video??

what should I do next?

sata 2s raid 0

hey if i run 2 sata 2 drives as primairyies on the sata ports but toss in a sata 1 drive its going to lower everything to sata 1 right? if so oops lol ive had that setup forever, hmm i wonder would running them at sata 2 be ok, or would it flood that sata controler

i should probably run both on 1 and the sata 1 on the other controlelr, they can run independently correct?