View Full Version : C & C Generals Zero Hour horrible lagging.

The Punisher
03-01-06, 05:03 AM
Hi guys & gals, I've a very sickening lag problem with Zero Hour. It starts out fine but then after 5 - 15 min it'll start to lag very badly. I've tried reformatting the PC & reinstalling the drivers but still no luck. I'm using the v1.07 patch for Generals & v1.04 patch for Zero Hour. I'm playing this on a WinXP Home SP1 PC running on P4 3.0GHz, 512MB RAM, Intel 945 mobo (with version v7.0.0.1025 chipset driver), built-in audio, D-Link 530 NIC & Leadtek 6600TD PCI Express card (Forceware v77.77 WHQL Driver). Any help pls?

03-01-06, 05:17 AM
I'd try a newer Forceware driver 1st

The Punisher
03-01-06, 05:33 AM
But even on v77.77 it shouldn'd lag before the screen is covered with hundreds of units rite? Btw, I oredi tried the v81.98 ForceWare too :(

03-01-06, 07:25 AM
I get this too, it's an unbearable and nothing short of absurdity. Help?

03-01-06, 07:44 AM
I dont have the game so I cant help you much more.

The Punisher
03-01-06, 09:36 PM
Please help!!! Anybody? Pls save me from this abomination of lag!

03-02-06, 04:08 AM
there really isnt much ytou can do. did you try uninstalling and reinstalling?...i used to play this game alot but the lag issues and the crashes just made me drop it faster then gib running out of a room filled with hot girls hitting on him...