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03-01-06, 06:01 PM
Once someone knows what's causing a problem, then fixing it should be easy, but what to do when the OS says there is no problem! This is what's happening with Windows XP. According to Windows both the Floppy and speakers are working, but when I try to use the Floppy the response is,"Please insert a disk into the drive". The OS shows that the speakers are working, but they do not seem to be getting any power.
These are generic speakers that run off the USB port and have a tiny blue light that shines when they are getting power, and all the connections seem to be hooked up properly, but no sound!

03-01-06, 07:01 PM
Floppy: Floppies drives die all the damn time. Since people don't really care about them anymore, manufacturers don't either. The cable could be bad or plugged in wrong, but still report. Try changing cable orientation or the cable itself and see if you get any different results before trying another drive. (You are trying to use multiple floppies, right?)

Speakers: I have some experience with USB speakers, but not much. Try checking the mutes and level settings in the Mixer. If you are using a Creative sound card, make sure that you haven't enabled Digital Audio Only! ...wait...since they are USB speakers.... try toggling this option on, actually. (I have that issue with my analog speakers from time to time.) Other than that, try the speakers on another system and see what you get and how that machine is configured when it comes to the sound.

03-03-06, 12:51 PM
No Qlitchford, but thanks anyway for giving me credit for know how that I ain't got. I'll look at the connection again, and see if the problem can be corrected from there. Btw, this computer, an HPd220 desktop did not come with a floppy, so that's why I am trying to install one and get it running.
Seems like a Catch-22 problem. I can't upgrade the BIOS without the floppy, but is it possible that the the floppy will not work until the BIOS is upgraded?
Now you know why the title of this thread is "Clueless"!