View Full Version : Resolution change crashed UT IN LINUX!

03-04-06, 01:28 AM
ok, i installed UT2004 in Mepis Linux. i could only get a 800x600 resolution. i switched to software to see if it would change and WOAH!! UT would not come back up. it had been playing fine for a week---till i tried this change.

Ok, i went hunting around and at the Nvidia Driver page i ran across Linux drivers. I'm running an old Geforce T1 4200 with the latest drivers.(when i'm in windows anyway)

My resolution in Linux is fine at 1024x768 without running the game. Sooo, since i'm on a seperate harddrive than my Winxp, should i use the Linux drivers for my Linux drive?

anyway---any suggestions would be appreciated......(pirate)