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01-23-03, 01:35 PM
... because of its Release date being pushed to Q3 2003. Isn`t it absurd considering the release date for XBox ? Marketing is a powerful weapon, definitely. And I understand long development time (partly because I`m independent games developer also). Buy this game had been finished a looong time ago on a similar platform. And let`s not forget that before there was sun (ehm, sorry microsoft), they have been developing for the pc. So anybody would like to explain some other reason of late "conversion" other than marketing and "new" features ?

I`ll definitely wait for a crack/rip. Just because of the principle. I can imagine many people buying XBOX b/o Halo. But this has gone too far, IMHO.

"So you didn`t get caught by XBox ? Well, than you`ll have a chance to buy it for PC. "

NOT ME !!! M$ wo`nt get my $50. I prefer paying $50 to a pirate, than to M$ - although I feel really sorry for the Halo dev team (no royalty from me) for all their hard work (at least they had a secure job and on-time wage). I`ve been hyped for more than just few years. I`ve been waiting quite long. It`s over. :banghead:

Even DNF situation seems to be less absurd (and that definitely means something)

And who knows if it ever goes out ? I mean we have no guarantee that it WILL BE OUT IN Q3. At that time M$ may decide, Hey, wait, don`t give the HALO 1 for PC, we`re almost done with HALO2 for XBOX. They may even buy XBOX because of HALO2, so let`s wait some year and we`ll see. No. wait, other team is working on Halo3 for XBox 2 - so let`s F.CK PC version - in the end it`s just PC, not a console"

Man, I`ve been wanting this game sooo long and sooo much ( I almost bought an XBOX b/o it - luckily I resisted). DNF will be here before Halo on PC, I bet on it.

Hallo ? HALO IS DEAD ! :argh:

BTW Breed should be out on June 25 i.e. in just 5 months - I think they (Brat designs) deserve our money more...

01-23-03, 03:41 PM
Actually, Halo initially was going to be a Mac title. Bungie was one of the great Mac game developers, that is before the M$ buyout.

Since I bought an Xbox (not because of Halo ironically enough) I'll probably end up picking up a used copy of Halo sometime down the road.

Am I pissed Halo's continually being dealyed for the PC? You bet, but since playing the Halo demo on the Xbox, I've found that the controls are pretty intuitive and the game is a blast in co-op mode.

Just my 2-yen on the subject. :)

01-23-03, 04:50 PM
I played Halo, And I will love my mouse until I die

01-24-03, 07:10 AM
/me looks at saturn

Can you play Halo with X-box live? If so I challenge you:D

01-24-03, 08:17 AM
I remember playing the Marathon series, and I was totally blown away (back in my Mac-only days). Then Myth I came out - awesome game. Bungie was *the* Mac game developer.

A lot of Mac gamers cried the day M$ bought them out, although I thought Bungie deserved the recognition and a wider audience for their talent...

I too am dissappointed that Halo for PC will be so far behind X-box, but did anyone really expect anything different from M$? They had to have that A-list title to push the X-box at launch, and they're still trying to sell them - it's all part of their world domination plans ;)

In the future, they'll just expect you to direct deposit your paycheck into *their* account.

01-27-03, 08:20 PM
Originally posted by fastguy94416
I played Halo, And I will love my mouse until I die

I created a mouse shrine after I tried Halo for the first time the other day. Those controllers are about the worst thing I have ever seen. They are god-awful. Very few things are god-awful.

01-28-03, 02:10 PM
Controllers aside, I didn't even like Halo. I'd rather play Quake 3 online.

01-29-03, 07:50 PM
I`ve decided. I won`t buy HALO

It took you until now to make that decision? :)

Its not just Microsoft that are to blame for the PC version delay. Remember all the fan sites, previews, videos etc that got us all excited about the game? They pimped the heck out of it, but had nothing apart from a basic game engine and a couple of models. When asked a basic game question like "will it be first person or third person perspective?" they didn't know. Oh yeah... this game will be out early next year, sure.

When Microsoft bought them they probably sent over a couple of coders and a project manager who did 90% of the work turning an engine demo into a game. Lets not forget that it got a significant reduction in texture resolution and poly count to actually make it playable. The game doesn't look half as good as those early screenshots and videos which were supposedly playable on a TNT2... right.

01-29-03, 07:54 PM
Hell, you could play Doom3 on a TNT2 and get better quality than a console. Even if you had to turn off a few options. Like graphics. :D

01-29-03, 08:02 PM
Originally posted by DoinkyBottoms
Hell, you could play Doom3 on a TNT2 and get better quality than a console. Even if you had to turn off a few options. Like graphics. :D

let me take it that you have never played Halo then :)

the gpu in the xbox is the equivalent of a gf3... which smacks the doinky pants off of the tnt2 :D

btw... halo LOOKS and PLAYS and SOUNDS better than any other game I have played... in cooperative mode... there is no equal to this game IMO...

controllers ? well I had little trouble getting into the game with teh controllers... all the triggers on the controller are used in the game... some in ways which are AMAZING... (such as the infra-red toggle on the rifle scope)

01-29-03, 11:18 PM
Hell, you could play Doom3 on a TNT2 and get better quality than a console. Even if you had to turn off a few options. Like graphics.

Ironic choice of words, since Doom 3 is being ported to Xbox at maximum quality:D

oh, Halo 2 looks pretty good too. And yes, Xbox uses a GF3 (a better version of it, like between a GF3 and GF4. I just call it a Geforce 3.5)

01-30-03, 07:49 PM
Ya most peeps halo bashin prob haven't even played it. I practically bought the x-box cause of it and i have never, mind u, NEVER played a FPS better than it. Even though i hate FPS's on consoles due to my love of the mouse and keyboard, halo implements FPS controls on a controller EXTREMELY well making it feel natural after a few hours. The engine is amazing, seriously with just one load scene at the beginning of the levels, with seemless loading inbetween areas and cutscenes and never a slowdown, unless u shoot the dead aliens enough then the blood splats slow u down. The story is amazing, the gameplay and AI are the best i've seen, seriously, at least until Halo 2 comes out. They say that the mobs are goin to be able to climb walls and dive over edges to hang on and avoid fire etc. Multiplayer is the funnest aspect though, nothing like hookin 4 xboxs together and bashin it out. Take any FPS released on any platform and i can probably tell u a reason y halo is better ;)


PS: I'm playin planetside when it comes out too :) Im in an outfit called Fearless Snipers, 13 peeps all sniper NC outfit. Drop by if u want to look http://fsoutfit.cjb.net/

01-30-03, 08:46 PM
Ed & Dave are pretty much right - Halo's development was just a tad further along on the Mac than on the PC when MS gobbled up Bungie, and for the looks of it, Dave's theory looks to be spot on accurate.

Now that Halo is finally going to PC, it's been shifted off to...GearBox or Ritual. Some small developer has it, anyway. And the delay is most likely because, unlike the X-Box, the PC market is a vast, open forum.

You've got sound from Voyetra, C-Media, Creative, Terratec, etc, video cards from ATI, PowerVR, Nvidia, SiS, and Trident, you've got AMD optimizations to add, AGP driving and PCI arbitration issues among the most popular PC chipsets, etc. All of these depend on stable drivers on their workstations and this must increase development time in order for compatibility.

Halo for the X-Box was probably originally optomized specifically for the closed hardware of the X-Box. But with the PC market, that code has to have new optimizations and probably even some rebuids from scratch to support a Heinz 57 array of componets from PC to PC.

Say what you will about "the X-Box is justa PC, man" argument but, in the REAL world, those are just sour grapes. Despite the Intel CPU and Nvidia chipset, the X-Box is a much, much smaller, closed-source beast than the large open-source PC. The way I see it, the Halo for PC delay is 80% "let's do it right and add support/features for the vast array of gear out there" and only a dismal 20% "this delay will sell more X-Boxen".

01-30-03, 08:57 PM
Actually, I'm almost wondering if they didn't port the game to PC earlier simply becuase noone bothered to. At first I think Ritual was going to be working on it, but after a few months Gearbox took it over and has been working on it ever since (which was about 8 months ago I think). I don't think Microsoft would've even stoped them from releasing it if they got it done a long time ago, though it's interesting that Halo 2 will be releasing on Xbox around the same time Halo for the pc is released. From the sound of it, a lot of the code had to be changed (they even had to totally rewrite the Pixel Shader code, even though the graphics chip in the Xbox was basicly a Geforce 3!).

Also, multiplayer is being totally redone from the ground up. I hope this means they'll add a lot of stuff, I'd love to have things like Dropships as vehicles for island-vs.-island battles and 64 player support:-)

01-30-03, 09:04 PM
Originally posted by Edge
Ironic choice of words, since Doom 3 is being ported to Xbox at maximum quality:D

oh, Halo 2 looks pretty good too. And yes, Xbox uses a GF3 (a better version of it, like between a GF3 and GF4. I just call it a Geforce 3.5)

Maximum quality minus the awesome dot pitch of my monitor, high resolution, AA, and anistropic. All adjustable to suit my preferences for speed/quality. Not to mention my beastie speakers.

Just so you know, I am well aware that there is a GF3 in an Xbox, and I am also aware that the GF3 is old news. Haul your POS Xbox and Halo over here and we will compare it to Unreal Tourney 2003 and see which one looks better. Granted, I invested 10 times what you did, but I also have 10 times the feature set.

01-30-03, 11:29 PM
i don't buy it. the Xbox uses some kind of derivation of DirectX.

it does NOT take 8 months to "recode" things to general DX used on PCs. even if you said that part of the delay is testing, there are lots of bugs in shipping games with certain hardware. it certainly wouldn't be the first time if a game wasn't optimized out of the box or had issues with certain hardware.

02-03-03, 02:35 AM
Bungie was already taking forever to bring Halo to the Mac..

I remember watching the quicktime video of Steve Jobs (I believe) showing off Halo rendering those kickass graphics (for the time) "IN REAL TIME" on a Macintosh using OpenGL.

Microsoft promised Halo to come out for Xbox, PC, and Mac at same time (LOL). It was supposed to be a team warfare type game with vehicles (like Tribes)..

Comes out single player trash (or split screen, how segaish).. using a gimp controller (I tried AvP on Jaguar, that was enough for me)... Sorry to bash single player, but I have no patients in my old age, I like to load->connect->frag in my old age of 30.

I wont buy it now, its too late... Not to mention its a Microsoft branded game, did he REALLY need to start gobbling up that market as well? Bill's thinking is, I can't come up with an original idea.. Let me buy one (or steal when applicable)!