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03-06-06, 06:23 PM
Ok Iím looking for some advise, This is what I am trying to do, Iím trying to setup 4 computers through 1 cable modem but each computer needs its own IP address. Now I've talk too my Internet provider (Time Warner Cable) about getting 4 IP addresses for the modem and they said this is possible the modem will support 5 IP addresses. Now I understand that the cable modem will support 5 IP addresses and that the cable modem will be the same (Gateway) for the 4 computers. What the ultimate goal is to be able to get 4 computers on 1 table so my roommates and I can play on a server such as (party poker) or (Ultimetbet) together, I've tried to setup a small office network in-house but the problem is the game server detects 1 IP address coming from the 4 computers only allowing 1 computer per table. I'm also using a 4 port Linksys router model #(BEFSR41)
Now Iím not sure if this is possible or If I will have too get 4 separate cable modems for this to be possible. Any advice will be much appreciated.

03-06-06, 11:12 PM
hmm you might be able to use some kind of proxy server software on each computer like tor and privoxy but perhaps there is an easier way, that takes a less time to setup and runs faster.

03-07-06, 04:09 PM
I worked for a ISP for years, here's the deal, if you want to play poker and the server only allows 1 PC per IP address you may try what j0j081 has sugestion. If you get 4 Cable modems you will pay $40.00 per modem for the service, couse the way there provisioning service works or what I would do is buy 4 IP address's there prolly about $5.00 a peice? Then just use your router as a switch and dont plug anything into the WAN or Internet port.

03-08-06, 09:59 AM
Just get a 4 port switch and not a router, its as simple as that if TW says the modem supports 5 IP's. Since you have 4 computers you need one as using that 4 port router as a switch only leaves you with 3 ports.

03-08-06, 10:17 AM
dont pay for it ... use the tor network to get around the ip address limitation. but if you still want to get the ip address your isp would give you the 5 ip addresses and just give you a subnetmask of no need to get a switch.