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03-08-06, 09:49 PM
I asked this in another thread, but it was buried deep and no one answered it:
CPU-Z reports slightly slower latency figures with my new ram than with my old (they are both being used). Do I need to do something to make them match? If so, how (no option in BIOS)? I presume if I have to, and if I find out how, I need to slow down the old ram rather than speed up the new (to avoid damaging the new). Is this correct?
Thanks in advance for the help.

03-08-06, 09:50 PM
if they are different speeds or looser timings the new ram will run at the slowest ram install by default

Son Goku
03-10-06, 12:49 PM
What he said... The RAM's capability is what it is... The system will detect the lowest settings, and run with that. If 1 stick can run CAS 3 and another CAS 2, it will run them booth CAS 3, and if one is 266 MHz DDR and 1 is 400 MHz DDR, they'll both run at 266 MHz...

Now, for actual settings; if you notice the memory is capable of

400 MHz CAS 2.5
266 MHz CAS 2.0

you have to run at 266 MHz, but can force the issue with 2.0 CAS. Why? Cause the 400 MHz RAM is running at a slower clock, and as such could use a bit more agressive timing setting. It's sorta the reverse, where a person who OCes can end up having to loosen the timing. The inverse, would also hold...

03-11-06, 12:23 AM
OK, I understand you both. Let me ask this then:
Since I apparently slowed my system down a bit by buying slower ram, in real-world, every-day apps (not games) like Photoshop and Premiere, won't the apps run faster with double the ram even though the ram is now a little slower?
Thanks again for the help.

03-11-06, 12:54 AM
Yes, more ram is a better bet vs less but low-latency ram.