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03-08-06, 10:50 PM
I just bought a Generic ATX Full Tower and i am running a 600W psu and i want to know what would be a good 5 1/4 bay fan that would help keep my system cool. When i am not play games my graphic card temperature is
54c-55c and when i am play games it is about 20c more than that and i know that is not a good thing.

03-09-06, 09:24 AM
some are hard to fine. you could search for drive bay fans. or put 2x60mm side by side and mount them there

an 80mm fan at the top of ur case (drill a lot of little holes as a vent or get a little cutter/saw that makes circles) helps a lot. thats what i am working on now. heat rises. i prefer panaflo and antec

03-09-06, 09:42 AM
I used 3 bays and just used a 120mm Panaflo. I used zipties to mount it, then surrounded it with shiney black cardboard and clear tape. I used a filter from Newegg on it to keep the case clean. It helps, but a better front intake would do just as much and keep your graphics cooler. Or do both, like I did. How big is your front intake? I had to get a Sunon slimline 120MM as few companies seem to make quality thin 120s. It's a shame.

Also...if you're going with all these fans like I'm suggesting.... do yourself a favor and get a fan controller. For $12 or so shipped you can get a Sunbeam Rheostat. The LED's are bright as hell, but it can control four channels worth of fans with 20w on each channel. Not too darn shabby, if you ask me. Plus, it lets you turn fans off if you want, unlike some other models.

Good luck with the cooling.