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03-10-06, 03:40 AM
When did the Geforce 6800 series come out? It was about that time i recieved mine and put it in my new computer i recieved as a graduation present. The video card was short-lived however, when games and other 3d applications would freeze and hang up, while making very irritating high-pitched clicking noises, and eventually restart. After dealing with this problem for months, i decided to put my old video card in for a while (radeon 9800 pro) so that i didnt have to deal with it. A while passed and i decided to put my 6800 ultra back in. to my suprise, it worked FLAWLESSLY! for months on end, i would never get a crash no matter what i was doing, or what game i was playing. And then half-life 2 came out. The same crashing began to happen yet again, adding extreme frustration. I delt with it for another while, but ultimately decided to put my 9800 pro back in. Some more time passed and i decided to give my 6800 ultra a whirl again. This time it was the day that black and white 2 came out. i installed BnW2, put my card in, and the same freezing/strange noises were happening again. So i put my other card back in, and played the game for a bit, much unsatisfied with how it was preforming. I decided to put my 6800 ultra back in to see if i could get it working (the bit that i had played between crashes made me miss the performance when compared to the 9800 pro) and WHAM! it began to work perfectly again! for months! and MONTHS!... It worked FLAWLESSLY until about 3 days ago, when i decided to re-format my hard-drive in preparation for the elder scrolls IV: oblivion. the first day or two passed and everything was running great, as per normal (the last months), however, about 1 hour ago, I got the same tell-tale freeze, strange crackling noises, and computer restart again. since then i've installed 3 different driver sets. now, my computer is, when im playing a game, making the crackling noises when i'm just playing, not just when it freezes up. It will eventually freeze, and do the same noises and crashing again, however.

I beg you all to help me. I can't deal with this anymore. I need to know WHY my computer is doing this. what could POSSIBLY be causing this, why would a simple format COMPLETELY screw up my computer? Why would simply replacing my video cards make it work correctly?
Also, call me crazy, but my video card seems to be running hotter after this format. Could there be a reason for that?

No, i dont remember which drivers i was using prior to this format, anyway, i've come to seriously doubt that it's a driver issue, i think that it's something that i'm completely overlooking. Prior to this format, Every setting for my video card was at default. No underclocking, no fast-writes off, everything was default (except for image quality) as the drivers set it.

My specs are as follows:

PNY Geforce 6800 Ultra
Intel i875PBZ motherboard
Intel pentium 4 3.4 Ghz with HT
80 Gig SATA maxtor
Windows XP professional SP2
Sound Blaster audigy

Please help me guys. Don't just dismiss this thread. I really want to know what is wrong with my computer so that i can actually enjoy playing games without the constant fear of it crashing.

03-10-06, 03:45 AM
bet it's your audigy... I've seen this before, I used to have your spec with the exception of the GeForce 6800U I had a 9800Pro.

Take the card out for a bit and see how you get on (don't change anything else though or you'll never know)

03-10-06, 03:47 AM

Are you running driver cleaner between switching from the ATI to the NV card??

03-10-06, 03:48 AM
if that doesn't work, come back and we'll see what we can do.

I've sorted this in the past though.

03-10-06, 03:55 AM
Yes i've cleaned my drivers every single time.
And i'll try taking my audigy out, however... Why would it work flawlessly for like 5 months with the audigy and geforce in?

03-10-06, 04:02 AM
another thing that should be noted, i've seen a universal slowdown of my entire computer (opening folders, opening games, loading screens, opening my backpacks or different windows in world of warcraft) since the first crash of this format.

03-10-06, 04:25 AM
another thing that should be noted is that it stutters.. i will be running around in World of warcraft and it will stop for just a split second, then keep going. this did not happen before the first crash of this format.

03-10-06, 04:28 AM
i posted this in the wrong forum.. im sorry, if you want to reply, go to the geforce 6/7 series forum

03-10-06, 04:39 AM
are you checking your temps? how big is the power supply?

03-10-06, 04:49 AM
are you checking your temps? how big is the power supply?

yes im checking my temps, they arent exceeding the threshold, and they never were.
The power supply is 480 watt.

None of these things would explain what is happening since it worked WITH THE EXACT SAME CONFIGURATION as before.

Capt. Picard
03-10-06, 05:03 AM
Have you considered the fact that it might be your telepathic brainwaves that are messing with your PC. I suggest wearing a crash helmet and lining it with foilwrap, everytime you use the computer. Serious. Mankind is evolving. Have you seen X-men.

May you should try feng shui to improve the energy flow in the room.

And also never use the PC whilst in a foul mood. PC games that raises your blood pressure are a definate no-no.

Just joking. Call it light comic relief. I haven't a clue why your PC is acting up.

03-10-06, 07:52 AM
Let's keep the discussion to one thread, please.