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08-12-02, 01:08 PM
my problem goes like this, recently i just bought a geforce 4 ti 4200 (128mb). when i got home, i install it to my computer as i'm very eager to try it out for a spin. to my surprise problem arise. my pc keeps hanging when i try to run graphics application (eg games, mad onion etc...) but it's in idle(no other application running except windows) it can run for hours. i spent many hours trying to figure figure how to keep it running in perfect form. i've tried intalling the latest driver from nvidia (det 30.xx), even tried to do a clean install for so many times yet all failed. i was ready to give up hope until finally i was able to keep it running just like i wanted it to be. i was so amazed by the clarity and sharpness delivered my my new gf4 ti 4200 card. i even tried running mad onion for 2 or more times and it never crash. i was so happy so i gave it a rest, then the next morning when i power up my pc and try benchmark it again, the same problem arise.

this is what i have : athlon 1ghz, 256 mb(ddr), msi k7 master-s(amd 760 chipset), maxtor diamondmax +60 (20gb),cd-rw drive, cd-rom drive, firewire pci card, usb 2.0 pci card

can someone tell me is my rig not enough to run a gf4 ti 4200 card? w/ regards to heat....i don't think its a problem coz while i'm troubleshooting my pc i left the casing open and i set my room temp to 17C. there's even a desktop electric fan blowing air directly to my pc....or was it that my psu is having some power leakage. or should i replace my 300watts psu w/ a much powerful one, let say 350 watts to 400watts????

pls. advice. thanks.:(

08-12-02, 01:18 PM
Weird problem....here's how I would approach things:

1) Hold the card up to the light and try to see if you can see any light showing from under the heatsink. Sometimes, a heatsink can be warped a bit and will not have enough surface area touching the GPU to cool it properly.

2) Pop-off the heatsink and see whether there is any/enough thermal paste or that a thermal pad is in place. If there is a thermal pad, you could take that off and replace it with a bit of Arctic Silver for better heat-transfer.

3) If you can, try replacing your PSU with one that has a bit more wattage. These days, I tend to use 350W and up to allow room for power hungry processors and graphics cards. ( in addition to CDRW's and multiple HD's )

4) If the cpu is overclocked...back the FSB down a bit. Usually, your AGP speed gradually is increased as you raise the FSB. I'm not sure if your motherboard has a fixed rate or a divider to compensate for this...Regardless, raising the AGP speed beyond spec can sometimes cause stability issues.

5) Try raising the AGP voltage to the next highest setting. Perhaps the voltage is fluctuating and dipping below the minimum amount the card can run on.

Give those a shot and let us know how things turn out....Good luck!


08-12-02, 01:19 PM
I had the same problem. It could be that your motherboard is not sending enough power through your agp port to the video card. Try downloading the latest flash bios upgrade for you computer and if that doesnt work than return your video card and buy another brand it's probably the infinte loop problem which is very extremely hard to fix. Suggest exchange card for a nother one.

08-12-02, 02:35 PM
thanks guys for the good input. i have to go for "changing the psu" thing since it involves less risk of damaging any of my hardware, not to mention the easy part ... :D

coz come to think of it, it's running while in idle and only when i tend to put some load on it then my pc hang. w/c mean "running in idle = less work = less power input" whereas "put some load = more work = more power input".

though i'm not rulling out other possibilities or options but for now i think i'll change my psu first since i'm also planning in getting a faster cpu w/c will definitely need a lot of power.
you guys who are visiting this thread pls feel free to give your insights regarding the problem above. i'm still open to suggestion and besides others could benifit from this too....

i'll update soon.......soons as i have the $$$ to buy my psu.. ya know good things doesn't come cheap, and besides after buying that card, i'm kinda broke.....:D


08-12-02, 02:46 PM
my brother just had this problem with his PNY 4200 ... (he could run 2d for a while, but in 3d it would crap out after 30 minutes tops ...

the fan wasn't spinning up to spec and it was making the card to hot ... he got 2 other PNY 4200's and the same thing kept happening, so he just got a VisionTek 4200 and that solved the problem ...

so you might consider switching brands (return it for a credit) or buy a $13 ORB ...

i'm 99% positive this is your problem. he had a more powerful system than yours and he only had a 300W PSU.

- mike

08-13-02, 02:05 AM
i've taken a voltage reading of my pc using Motherboard Monitor 5 and the ff are the reading i got:

1) using my gf2 mx 400 card....... action done : pc running idle

core 0 - 1.82v
core 1 - 2.67v
+3.3v - 3.31v
+5.00 - 4.95v
+12.00 - 12.36v
2) using my gf2 mx 400 card.......action done : surfing the net

core 0 - 1.81v
core 1 - 2.67v
+3.3v - 3.31v
+5.00 - 4.93v - 4.91v
+12.00 - 12.37v

3) using my gf4 ti 4200 card ....... action done : pc running idle

core 0 - 1.81v
core 1 - 2.67v
+3.3v - 3.28v
+5.00 - 4.90v - 4.88v
+12.00 - 12.43v

4) using my gf4 ti 4200 card ........ action done : surfing the net

core 0 - 1.81v
core 1 - 2.67v
+3.3v - 3.28v
+5.00v - 4.88v - 4.86v
+12.00 - 12.43v

pls tell me your insights regarding the reading i've shown above. thanks.

thanks for the reply and the good advice.:)

08-13-02, 06:40 AM
It looks fine from here; if it was a major PSU problem, you would have probably lowered the voltage levels significantly. You ought to try some of the things pelly said while you're waiting for a new PSU; you may fix it and not need the PSU after all.

08-13-02, 08:45 AM
ok. now i'll try to raise the agp voltage. but how to do this??? as much as possible i don't want to tamper the card as i don't want to void the warranty... any software to use in raising agp voltage? thanks..

08-13-02, 09:46 AM
Typically, you will find an option to raise the AGP voltage within the BIOS. Restart the system and enter the BIOS....you should be able to increase the voltage by a small increment.

Good luck! :D

08-14-02, 04:01 AM
my card is now in up an runnin' in perfect form.. no more hanging so far. solution ..... i updated my bios. i sure hope i won't encounter anymore error. thanks to PELLY, SANCHEUS, DARKMIASMA & THEONEKEA for the good advice. :D