View Full Version : Running SLI with 4 Sata drives in 2 raid setups work

The Bigman
03-11-06, 10:10 PM
I have a True Power 2.0 550 Antec Highend PS and would like to know if this PS could do 2 7800GTX cards in SLI with 4 sata drives w opticals 4 5 standard, you know mouse printer camera scanner. Its a very good PS from antec. Most people would use a 600 or better for this setup but i like Antec so they run like 650 so.

Any Ideas so i can get the other GTX.

03-12-06, 02:59 AM
Hmmm, technically you should be able to but personally I wouldn't chance it.

The SLI , Optical and perhaps two hard drives and your be fine.

The Bigman
03-12-06, 10:34 AM
Hmm, I should look into a 650 or higher but who is as good as antec?

03-12-06, 12:42 PM
Actually if you dont overclock you should be cool, have you tried this:


Just plug in everything that you have and overshoot their estimate a little. Antec is a good company, if this estimator says less than 550 you are probably OK.


03-12-06, 01:40 PM
That calculator is BS... Says I need a 750w+ PSU for my PC and Im running fine with a 600w PSU.

You should be fine since HDs don't require much power when they are idle and I dout you have all 4 drives running while playing a game.

I have 6 HDs in my PC currently...

03-12-06, 06:00 PM
are they 256mb or 512mb.

Because here is the updated cert list of power supplies that now shows a seperate listing for the 7800 and 7900 512mb cards.


The Bigman
03-12-06, 07:36 PM
Here are my specs as of now:
ASUS A8NSLI32 Deluxe
1 BFG 7800GTX 256
Creative XFI Platium
Haupauge WinTV PVR 150
2 Gigs of Corsair Ram XLPT
2 DVD optical Drives
Cannon Printer USB
Cannon Scanner USB
Bluetooth Optical Desktop from Logitech
Logitech Web Cam
1394 IEEE Firewire used for CAMcorder as needed not hooked up
2 120 MM Fans with 1 blue in front
And of course the CPU "AMD Athlon 64X2 4400

All in silverstone black tower 5 bay with Antec true Power 2 550dual 12volt rail.

ANy thoughts?

03-12-06, 08:14 PM
Shouldn't have any issue.

The Bigman
03-12-06, 08:36 PM
That might be very helpful know so i don't have to redo the nice cableing in my System becuase its in good and would like to leave it alone. Besides the antec 550 has alot of amps from what i read so i should be ok i hope.

03-12-06, 08:54 PM
I'd say you're fine. I'm planning on getting another 7800gtx to pair it up with my current one and I've got an OCZ powerstream 520W. I don't think you'll have any problems.

The Bigman
03-13-06, 01:35 PM
I could also call up an Antec tech too and see what they say since they make the product.

03-15-06, 04:25 AM
IMO I would look for a better power supply if you are going to have all that hooked up,It may work fine ,but I went and bought a Antec SLI 550w true Control because I thought it might be to much for my OCZ PowerStream since it is just a 470watt,It was working fine until I set up my Opty 175 at 2.7gigs and my 7800GT's run at 495/1220 and when I fired up Fear to play it the power supply shut down and reset ,If I turned everything down to stock it worked but I did'nt buy a Opteron 175 and 7800GT's to play stock,so I would look in to getting something better ,So I put my 470watt OCZ PowerStream back in and it handles everthing I throw at it.

The Bigman
03-15-06, 12:13 PM
So Antec doens't make the best PSU's? i kinda noticed that when seeing PCPAC PSU's but their expensive. Im not going to chance it with only 550W but i did see that Antec has a very good 2 rail setup with 18AMps on both rails which is good for Nvidia Cards.

03-15-06, 12:38 PM
IMHO the best PSU on the market is a PC power and cooling PSU. I run water, plus 4 hard drives and two GTX's in SLI with NO issues and I'm OC'd. Antec PSU's are ok, but nowhere near as good as a PC P&C PSU :)