View Full Version : 7900 die size

03-12-06, 04:27 AM
From a performance perspective it looks like the 7900GTX and 1900XTX are pretty close. I think Nvidia has real winner on their hands though because from a cost of manufacturing (assuming they get good yields) perspective the 7900GTX is going to be way cheaper to manufacture.

With GDDR4 going into production in the near future it remains to be seen whether ATI will utitilize it with the 19XX products and if it will yield any real gains. Otherwise they are going to get killed on margins.

03-12-06, 05:29 AM
Based on die size, The G71 raw yields should be around 1.8 times the R580. The GTX and XTX clock speeds are similar, but the 7900GT is clocked a lot lower than the 1900XT, so nVidia should have a sizable advantage in usable yields, too.

I'm hoping it gives them the ability to make their target margins and still be able to put sufficient pricing pressure on ATi to keep this price war going :D