View Full Version : Experiencing a Strange Grounding Issue w/Asus a8n

03-13-06, 05:07 PM
Ok, i've had this problem since I built the computer, but I never really resolved it since I hardly ever move my case. Basically what happens is that the computer will turn on, and after about 5 seconds, shut off. I called asus and they informed me it was a grounding issue. So I removed the board, couldnt find any problems and re-attached it to the case. Same problem. Oddly enough if I removed the video card, I could get the computer to boot, when I would put it back in, sometimes it would boot up, sometimes it wouldnt. Eventually after removing it and reattaching it enough times I got it to work, anyone experience a problem similar to this and was able to resolve it??

03-13-06, 05:09 PM
Just an idea, but be carefull of where the back plate for the video card goes when you plug it in. Maybe its contacting something that it shouldnt. Like the side of the board.

I absolutely hate grounding issues because they can be a real bitch to resolve.