View Full Version : Did they fix the stutter problem in HL2?

03-13-06, 07:17 PM

Source Engine

* Improved filesystem throughput - this fixes a bunch of stutter reports in Half-Life 2

I never had the problem myself *knocks-on-wood*, but did it actually fix it for any of those of you that do have it?

03-14-06, 12:00 AM
Let me crank it up and let you know. On this pc i used to get stuttering. Will report back to you shortly

03-14-06, 12:26 AM
yah stuttering for me is completly gone.

03-16-06, 11:35 PM
Wow, that only took them, what, a year and a half? Amazing! You can tell their CEO used to work at MS.

03-17-06, 02:06 AM
I still get stutters with the G-man intro.

03-17-06, 03:57 AM
hmm i never got stutters there. I did however get them almost everywhere else on my other pc. Even in the starting traisnstation. But now they're gone, as in totally. I wonder why your getting stutters in the g-man intro.

03-17-06, 03:52 PM
G-man has always stuttered more than anything for me. He doesn't stutter all the time, but every time the semitransparent backdrop behind him changes scenery, it stutters.

03-17-06, 07:50 PM
I have never had stutters at the G Man intro either.

Acid Rain
03-17-06, 08:15 PM

maybe because your videocard has only 128mb. my card also has only 128mb of mem and i also experience teh stutterz...I have yet to see a setup that doesn't stutter at the intro, and I've only seen the game run on 256mb setups, including my own.

03-17-06, 08:23 PM
Well if you were nearby I would invite you over to see your first non stuttering G Man intro.

03-17-06, 08:40 PM

maybe because your videocard has only 128mb. my card also has only 128mb of mem and i also experience teh stutterz...

Video memory shouldn't cause that as it doesn't affect the sound renderer. Besides, it also stuttered on a 7800GT 256MB I was borrowing.

03-19-06, 08:46 AM
if either of you are in tenn you can drop by and see im not bsing about the stutter being gone completly in my game.

03-20-06, 06:43 PM
I was really hopeful, just re-installed a week ago and sure nuf played smooth as silk. I just fired up the game 10 minutes ago, recieved a new update, very small. The stutter is back, badly, as well as certain models (shotty, gunships) not rendering at all. All you can see is a plain white "animation" in their shape. Business as usual.:thumbdwn: :thumbdwn: :thumbdwn:

03-21-06, 11:19 PM
Wow, I can actually play CS:S again! Bring on Aftermath!