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03-15-06, 02:47 PM
So ive been working on my lexan case for a while, it will be done in a day or 2 but today is when I actually could boot the thing.
6150 onboard
lates chipset for micro atx the

Heres whats inside:
(note everythings overclocked)
2 x fans and radiators
3 hard drives
a pci tv tuner
6800 gs full sized card
2 watercooling blocks
full sized power supply
2 sticks of ram(somewhere in there)
6 x 3 led lights
1 dvd drive
lots of tubes
cpu ram

size of the case is
width: 9.6 inches
height 12 inches
depth- size of a dvd drive so 5.25 inches

for a total of somewhere around .34 cubic feet of volume

ok so the picture doesnt give it justice, the tops off, the bottums not done, and i still need to cover the enitire thing in black modders mesh(nana2)

so ive circled where the system heatsync is in the system heres my problem:

cpu idles around 26
load 40-45
system temp idle is 47

and 53-55 running 3dmark05 in a loop, now should i be concerned at that temp????
Its not like everythings running at that temperature just that chip and I havent had a crash yet so i think its safe, i just dont want the mobo to die a week in or something

everything else is watercooled exept the ram and hard drives will run a little hotter with little ventalation but that is to be expected, I dont think they would cause any problems and if the ram was overheating i would of crashed in the 20 min I ran 3dmark05.

03-16-06, 04:40 AM
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