View Full Version : your opinion on CoolerMaster Real Power 450

03-15-06, 07:38 PM
Your opinion on CM Real Power 450W RS-450-ACLX

I found 2 products under the same name, same specification but different price



The difference between them is about 20$

I send an email to CM asking the difference, they told me

One is Active and one is Passive. The Y is the active PSU

what's the difference between Active and Passive


03-18-06, 04:18 PM
Usually active and passive refer to how a device is cooled. Active means with a fan and heatsink and passive means with just a heatsink. However, both of those look to have fans in the pictures.

This is apparently not the case with PSU's. Looking at there website (which you should have done, SHAME!) ;), I compared the specs on the two PSU's. Active seems to respond to the Input Voltage. I believe this means that this power supply will only draw voltage that it needs instead of a variable amount. This would reduce electricity costs. The Y model is superior in the fact that it has a est. life of 400,000 hours compared to 100,000 of the X.

They both look like decent PSU's. Under the lower money range I prefer Antec, but if you have the money go with PC Power & Cooling, or my favorite:Seasonic. Seasonic has the stability of PC P&C, but are quiet and cheaper.

The problem with PSU's that aren't PC P&C or Seasonic is that they rate there PSU's wattage as PEAK instead of constant. The former two rates on what they can push constant with the capability of pushing over 100w more peak on most models. Also, they provide higher efficiency ratings lowering your power bill and keeping your case cooler.

For the money, though, those CoolerMaster's look to be fairly decent. I'd pick the Y one if I had to choose.