View Full Version : NF4 AMD and 4 DIMMs whats the current word.

03-16-06, 01:34 PM
So this past Thur my system took a bad turn. Seems as though I lost the NB chip. I booted up and noticed no sound, X-Fi wasn't detected. I shut down check it out booted up, no sound. Took her out and went to check for info online. NO Internet, lost the NIC card, all PCI. Took out the NIC and when in to the bios and enabled the onboard NIC to get online, rebooted to a black screen. She’s Dead.
So within a week or so I'll have a Abit AN8 32X NF4, for the great board and full x16 x16 SLI. I'm also looking at the DFI LP NF4 Expert, purely for the OCing. It can only do x8 x8 SLI but every single top 3Dmark score has been had with that board. I should have one or the other and a Athlon 64 X2 3800+ by the end of next week…maybe.

I recently was told that NF4 and AMD mem controllers don't like 4 DIMMs. This was one major reason for going to AMD. I could use my 4x256 PC3200-LL, what’s the deal the newer boards is this still an issue? I do like Intel and plan on going Conroe when it comes out maybe I should just do DDR2 for now and a D820 or something. Then I would be set with DDR2 and PCI-e.
What’s the word?

03-16-06, 01:40 PM
I use 4 dimms of Corsair I run the ASus Premium SLI board. I have my cpu at 10x250 with a 3/4 divider I think. I just orderd some Muskin high performance ddr only because i want tighter timings with running 1t and 1 to1 ratio. No problems with 4 dimms it's been rock solid

03-16-06, 03:15 PM
The issue "4 DIMMS run slower than 2DIMMS using Athlon64" has nothing to do with the NF4 motherboard. Nothing at all.
The issue is only due to limitations of the memory controller in the Athlon64 cpu.
You can run your 4x256 PC3200-LL on a NF4 motherboard with an Athlon64 cpu.
The Ram would work at 400Mhz, but only at 2T, since the memory controller in the Athlon64 cpu can only handle 1T with 2DIMMS.
1T with 4 DIMMS ? Don't think so.

But considering the Athlon64 had direct access to the memory (no need to acess the Ram through Mobo chipset, like the P4 does), even @ 2T your ram will be more efficient than it was in your Prescott.

03-16-06, 06:30 PM
Awesome I'm back on track then. I had seen evidence going both ways. I ran in to the 2T info just a bit ago. I've been building PCs for 10 years now but this is going to be my first venture in to AMD. I had a simple knowledge on AMD but I've learned allot in just the past few days. I'm pretty excited to OC this rig. I've seen many reviews (with engineering samples) of the X2 3800+ hitting 2.4 and higher, almost matching the performance of a 4800+. I'm stoked. I also read that DFI doesn’t play well with Corsair. I've been looking at the Asus A8N32-SLI Deluxe AiLife Gaming Edition NF4 SLI. They already really like Corsair. I'm planning on getting the 2gb XMS-3500LL Pro they recommend in the end sooo, should be a kick A$$ rig.