View Full Version : Wow can you believe this RE: GRAW?

03-18-06, 12:31 AM

I wouldn't think a game released to a currently limited and quite small userbase would break a Company's sales records?! Go X360 and Go excellent GRAW: 360!

It was also released on Xbox which could have added to the figure...is it also out on PS2?

03-18-06, 01:18 AM
is it also out on PS2?

Not until March 28.

03-18-06, 01:24 AM
Excellent! The PS2 and PC versions did not even launch on the same day, if they did I imagine the sales figures for the franchise would be crazy.

03-18-06, 02:40 AM
Well it is a very nice game :)

03-18-06, 03:27 AM
Well it is a very nice game :)

ive played better though. i like my 360, still not in love with it, and i definitely wouldnt fuk it/jerk off to it like some.... ahem (naw)

in reality the reason is because its the first game with any value to it

edit: that link tells us nothing, pr hype muchine at its finest ......record sales for what? .....we know its only an ubi sales record.... probably a 360 record with the 2nd 360 game they've released :rolleyes: is it a record for console based games? record sales for the first week? there arent that many 360's out there to break a meaningful sales records, you cant play the game w/o the console which is a simple fact

03-18-06, 05:39 AM
360000 games in a week for a console with a world-wide user base of 2.5M is a pretty good result.

03-18-06, 11:05 AM
By the way while you guys are on the subject of PC and PS2, the Xbox1 version of Graw got terrible reviews and I bet it didnt sell sh*t.

03-18-06, 12:52 PM
Yea I think the Xbox version was made by a different company...

03-18-06, 01:02 PM
I counld resist I bought the 360 version for my brothers 360 today.:o Will see if it lives up to the hype later.

03-22-06, 06:28 AM
Was very tempted to buy it yesterday, but I really, really don't have enough money. Problem (though it's a nice problem to have I guess) is that by the time I have enough cash, Oblivion will be out and it'll take much brainache to decide which one to get :)