View Full Version : New 6600GT - some shimmery textures with AF

03-18-06, 08:42 AM
Just bought a shiny new 6600GT AGP.

Most things running great so far, but I do have a problem in pretty much all games. Some floor textures (usually like sand or things with lots of speckled detail) look very bad moving with 8xAF turned on. All shimmery, almost look point filtered! And very obvious mip levels. Other floor textures look fine. Even increasing to 16xAF didn't fix it.

Same thing with all drivers I have tried now (78.05, 81.98, 84.20). I didn't have this problem on my FX 5700.

I think I read something about this issue on the boards (long before I got the new card obviously), was there a consensus about the cause and any fixes?

03-20-06, 01:19 PM
Okay, I fixed this problem. The shimmering was mostly caused by the "Anisotropic sample optimization" and worsened by "Trilinear optimization". Disabling them both made it look a whole lot better. But only changing to "High Quality" made it look perfect.

It's hurt benchmarks about 5-10% but since I'm mostly CPU bound this isn't a problem.

The weird thing is I had both these optimizations enabled on my 5700 and didn't get these shimmery textures. It's a shame these sloppy "optimizations" seem to be the reason for the almost "free" anisotropic on 6x00 series! Because they wreck IQ. I wonder why some textures are affected badly and some aren't.

Anyway, High Quality mode all the way now. :)

03-22-06, 08:59 AM
Yeah, the standard practice is to use HQ mode which disables the optimizations and also set Negative LOD bias to Clamp.