View Full Version : SATA HD Activity LEDs

03-18-06, 06:05 PM
Hello there, I have been wrestling with my new case (antec sonata II) for a while now and have just about everything I want to work working. I have run into a bit of a strange issue with the HD activity led though, it seems to stay fully lit all the time, regardless of hd activity.

I have 2 hds, a wd raptor 150 gig sata, and another standard ide wd 160 gig. I have experimented with having just a single drive plugged in, and I've even disconnected my dvd drive and booted up with no ide or sata drives connected at all and the orange indicator is still constantly lit.

I don't believe I've plugged it in incorrectly as when I flip it over it goes from constantly on to constantly off... no in between. That and well, my power led, power button, and reset buttons all work fine. My board is the evga nforce4 sli, maybe it's possible that the hdd led pins were mislabeled in the manual, it seemed a little strange.

LEDs have notoriously been the thing I have the most difficulty with when building a machine so if anyone has any experience with this kind of issue please let me know what I might be able to do / have set up wrong, etc.

03-23-06, 12:27 PM
Anyone else have an evga nfroce4 sli board and have their hd led working properly (sata or otherwise...) ? I'm starting to think it's more the board than the case since I've read a few more comments on some other sites about people having problems with the hd led on the evga board... apparently it might be labelled in the manual incorrectly, but where it would go instead I couldn't say.